The Wildsea RPG

Created by Ray Chou

A post-fall fantasy roleplaying game set on an ocean of verdant green. Please note that this is a preorder store for fans who missed the live campaign but would still like to support the game. This game is in active development. Shipping will be charged separately closer to the game's delivery to reflect live shipping rates.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

What Do You Do with a Drunken Balfaz?
about 2 years ago – Fri, Nov 13, 2020 at 12:02:10 AM

Ahoy Wildsailors! 

How fair the waves these days? Our here in California it is cool and dry. Sometimes that can be a recipe for disaster when the winds pick up and the tinder brush. That's why you...


We shouldn't have to remind you thrice! Saprekk Bleu!  

Enjoy the mysteries of many hands and delight in the third and final act of the actual play of the Wildsea from the troupe of intrepid Kiwi explorers!  

$75K - We're Making Dice!! 

We have dice! We've been talking behind the scenes about this and hopefully can announce what we have planned soon. We've been in talks with a USA-based manufacturer for some ultra premium hand-carved dice. 

First prototype in Black Walnut!

Did you know? Felix has not owned a set of dice since the last days of the 2016?! With this Kickstarter, we are manifesting a lifelong wild dream of his to become the proud owner of lush Chchen wood dice featuring a script of his creation. What words will spill out from the magical mathematics of multifaceted manifest? 

The design of the dice will feature Low Sour - the universal language of the Wildsea. We're exploring various options for visibility including arranging as pips and exaggerating arabic numbering in the same style. 

Personally I took home ec instead.

We're also still exploring the possibility of offering something at a more affordable price tier for the masses. If you have thoughts about dice please share below! 

$70k - Writers in the Storm! 

Also, more importantly, we managed to raise the rate of our Writers at $70k! We're still in the process of finalizing everything with those involved but we're hoping to announce more soon. It's a lot - we have to scope by word and by content. That involves getting a rough idea of how many the maximum words would be for a section to determine the overall contract.  which is our immediate priority right now.

Nonetheless, we plan to announce some of the collaborators we have on deck and the content they'll be producing next week! 

A couple of projects that I want to shout today from creative friends far and wide! 


First one is Mikey Hamm's Slugblaster! Mikey is dope and I kick it with him on the Blades in the Dark Discord where we discuss the philosophical ramifications of fictional positioning on consent and authority. (Not really, but kinda sometimes.)

His game is all about shredding on hoverboards over quantum centipedes in different dimensions. I've played it. It's rad. Check it out! 


Felipe Cagno is a longtime friend and fan of our work! His flagship series is THE FEW AND THE CURSED- a post apocalyptic weird west story starring The Redhead - is going into print in collected trade! 

For us comic creators, this is a huge deal. If you want a comic to look as good as The Few and The Cursed does, it takes both time and money. Over the past five years Felipe has been meticulously shepherding the project issue by issue. I'm sure he's been dreaming of the moment for a very long time. If you're a fan of comics at all, check out The Few and the Cursed


Alright, that's it from me today! Questions, comments, strange emojis below. Opinions on dice greatly appreciated. Check out the Discord if you're looking for a game or just want to chat Wildsea. 

Otherwise - 

Smell you later alligators! 


Art, Artists and a Glimpse of the Future
about 2 years ago – Wed, Nov 11, 2020 at 12:38:42 AM

Art and Artists

So first off I just wanted to thank you, everyone that's backed the Wildsea so far - not only have we powered through almost half of our extended stretch goals already, we've hit some of the ones that I feel matter most. 

The ability you've given us to increase the pay for the artists that have helped breathe life into the rustling waves is astounding. Everybody knows that art is valuable in terms of a finished product, but if it weren't for the early concepts and sketches from Kyllian, Omercan and Pierre then the waves of the Wildsea would be dramatically different today - far less detailed, far less colourful and far worse for it. Being able to pay them more represents not only how much we value their art but the thoughts and input that have helped shape the project over the last few years.

Over the next few updates I'll be giving them some space to talk about the road we've taken to get here, the art they've created and the process of turning an idea into something beautiful. Or, you know, something weird, or horrific, or baffling. Which is just as valuable!

And there are so many things you haven't seen yet! Illustration Teaser copyright Pierre Demet 2020

The Future

While we've tried not to overwhelm you with updates, the work behind the scenes over here has been pretty frenzied. Mechanical evaluation, getting new bloodlines, origins and posts into playable form, working on the post-campaign Quickstart PDF, prototyping dice and playing a whole lot of games with a whole lot of new people. 

Frenzied, but fun. 

And in fact, on the note of new posts, here's a little something being playtested right now. Those of you who found the project in its infancy may well have seen this before, but for a lot of you newer folks this will likely be fresh content - emphasis on the fresh!

The Wildsea never tasted so good

The Char is a ship's cook, a worker of wonders with meat and fruits and spices. A few of the aspects still need a little polish to bring them up to date with the improved quickstart rules, but it's already in a playable state - for those of you already running your own games, or considering starting one up, feel free to feast. :)

As we enter the last two weeks of the campaign I'll be releasing some more frequent updates as well. We'll delve into the details behind our unlocked stretch goals, release some expanded content and reveal info about the new writers and musicians contributing their skills to the waves (something I'm particularly excited for).

So once again, thank you all so much for being here with us. And watch this space!

- Felix

Leviathans, Extra Art Slots and Games on Discord
about 2 years ago – Fri, Nov 06, 2020 at 10:12:09 PM

Leviathans and Extra Art Slots

So after some conversation with Ray and the artists, we've decided to increase the number of slots available for the monster and cameo contribution tiers and add several new slots for the creation of Leviathans. The numbers will increase as follows...

Cameo backing tier: Up to 7, from 5

Monster backing tier: Up to 7, from 5

Leviathan backing tier: Up to 3, from 0

These new slots will be added on SUNDAY 8th, 9AM PST (that's 12PM EST and 5PM GMT). Hopefully this gives everyone who might be interested time to see this message and mark their calendar - we don't know how long it'll take before these slots get snapped up by eager creative types! 

We do have some speculative plans to let you add a little creative something to the final product in the near future, but this will very likely be the only slot increase we'll make for the actual Kickstarter campaign - we'd love to give more, but we have art of our own that needs doing too! 

Old Ornail may be small for a leviathan, but he is *extremely* large for a squirrel

Games on Discord

Also, a big thank you to the members of our Discord Community! Over the past month we've almost quadrupled in size, and increase we were definitely not expecting but are extremely pleased with. We went from myself and Ric running three to four games a week to a slew of Fireflies and games run across almost every conceivable timezone - it's incredible seeing this community grow! 

If you would like to try your hand on the waves of the Wildsea, there's no easier place right now than our Discord! There are plenty of players and Fireflies around at all hours of the day, eager to talk about the rustling waves and answer your questions or jump into the voice channels and play a session or two with you. Come say hello - it might be just what you need before running the Wildsea for your own table! 

One Last Thing

Before I go, just another quick thing - we're well on our way to the 70k funding level now, and I can't thank you all enough. :)

- Felix

Don't Forget Your Towel + Playtest Surveys!
about 2 years ago – Fri, Nov 06, 2020 at 03:05:55 AM

Hey Everyone! 

Quick update today as we move into the middle stages of the campaign.

Don't Forget Your Towel!

The second part of the Wildsea Actual Play by the crew over at Don't Forget Your Towel is up now! If you're curious about The Wildsea in action you owe it to yourself to check out this lovingly produced and edited podcast! The crew is a talented and lovely crew of kiwis from New Zealand who put a lot of value into their performances including voices, ambient music, and sound effects! 

I had the privilege of listening to the raw unedited audio and I was hooked! Had it on the entire day. This second session features a classic dungeon delve where you can clearly see Felix's ludology as a Trail of Cthulhu GM. 

SpooOooky Dungeon Crawl!

Check it out if you get the chance! And please, don't forget to subscribe and share if you like it! 

Playtest Surveys! 

We also just completed drafting a pair of feedback surveys to help us better iterate future editions of The Wildsea. 

Firefly Survey - 

Player Survey - 

If you've played The Wildsea,  please take a minute and fill out the appropriate survey.   If you do, you'll be credited as a playtester in the final edition of the game! 

Also, if you have any questions/comments/feedback on how to make the survey better, let me know!


Alright, thanks everyone! Only $1200 until Felix gets that raise! 

Let's get it! 


Get Ready for Something Big
about 2 years ago – Thu, Nov 05, 2020 at 05:18:36 PM

A short but important update this time!

I've had a lot of feedback over the past weeks, and one of the most consistent topics has been people sorry to have missed out on the art-creation funding tiers. They went fast - which is great! - but it did leave some people disappointed.

It's time to rectify that, at least a little. :)

After conversation with Ray and our monster artist, Shmeckerel, we've decided to...

  • Raise the number of slots open for people to contribute a monster.
  • Possibly raise the number of slots for people to snag a cameo. 
  • And to add a whole new tier - Leviathans!

Though limited in number, backers at the Leviathan tier will be able to work with me to design a titanic creature, a living legend that holds dominance over a swathe of the rustling waves. Leviathans are expected to get a full page of art and text to themselves too, as befits their colossal status!

Details on the precise time these new slots and options go live will be posted soon. There's at least a few days to go yet - we don't want to catch anybody off guard. 

I look forward to your creativity!

- Felix