The Wildsea RPG

Created by Ray Chou

A post-fall fantasy roleplaying game set on an ocean of verdant green. Please note that this is a preorder store for fans who missed the live campaign but would still like to support the game. This game is in active development. Shipping will be charged separately closer to the game's delivery to reflect live shipping rates.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

What It Means
over 3 years ago – Thu, Oct 29, 2020 at 12:55:50 AM

Hey Everyone! 

Thank you all for coming out and helping us launch a huge day one. It's always a humbling experience being able to do the thing you love, and that is truly what all of this means to everyone involved. For that we can never say it enough. Thank you. 

This is Mythopoeia's first time publishing outside work and I'm sure some of you are wondering what that means. If you're not familiar with our past books, we've been carving out a little niche making comics over on Kickstarter for the past couple of years. Otherwise, we're just two nerds who met in film school who decided to make things together. We weren't rich or cool enough to figure out film so we chose comics first. And the rest they say is history :D.  (No seriously, you can go and look at our past Kickstarters and basically see us grow up in real time... it's kind of weird.) 

How it started back in 2014.

Over the years Vince and I have seen a lot of deals. Some good, some bad, some just out to eat you alive. It's a crazy world out there filled with a lot of snakes. You gotta be careful. That said, we've also asked really hard what it would take for us to sign with somebody or vice versa. And truth be told, those things have changed with time, but something Vince said has always stuck with me: 

"We would have to offer what we as Creators would take." 

This project is based upon that principle. We were immediately drawn to Felix's work because we knew  he had a vision for what his world could be. Our goal is to help him create the best possible version of that world. The Wildsea.  

Thanks to you, Felix can recoup the funds he's already spent in first position getting the Wildsea to this place while also delivering a print edition of the book.  You've secured his immediate future and cemented his status as a professional game designer.  

Everything else  raised by this campaign goes back directly to the artists, collaborators, and the book. We've done the math and we've parsed it out via Stretch Goals. We've already reached two, including the $17,000 that unlocks the official soundtrack, meaning that we'll be able to commission a full soundtrack for The Wildsea featuring the talents of Liam P Vaughan. 

Liam was hanging out in the official Discord  posting music right around the time we started building this campaign. His work blew both Felix and I away... we were even more blown away when we found out that Liam is just seventeen! We wanted to use his original work for the game's trailer, but knew we went to go through the proper channels and talk to his parents. 

Copyright-wise, Liam owns the rights to his own work and we are simply allowed to reproduce it for the Wildsea. . The other contracts of the artists follow suit. Felix has structured his project in a way that is incredibly artist friendly. The Wildsea is also 100% creator-owned by Felix Isaacs and Quillhound Studios, but the artists also maintain a shared copyright in the works commissioned for the project. We've also pledged to increase the rates of our Creators across the board should certain stretch goals be met. 

We're not kidding when we say that everything raised here goes back into the creation of a great book. Only after this Kickstarter is long fulfilled, the artists paid, does Mythopoeia make money off of future copies of the book sold. 

That's the long and short of the deal. 

Thank you for taking this journey with us. We appreciate your support on day one, and your support of the Arts. If you ever have any questions, comments, or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask. Line's always open! 

See you on the Wildsea! 



The Wildsea: We're Funded!
over 3 years ago – Thu, Oct 29, 2020 at 12:54:01 AM

Well I can honestly say I wasn't expecting to write this today, but I'm extremely happy to be doing it. 

First off, thank you to the backers - I know we're a long way from the end of the campaign, and then from the release of the actual book, but none of this would be possible without you. We've had such incredible support over the past few months on the discord and on reddit, but it goes back longer than that too - to the earliest playtesters, the communities that gave harsh but essential feedback, the fellow designers that weighed in when it was necessary. I may be something nebulously captain-like when it comes to the Wildsea, but I've got a damn good crew alongside me.

Secondly, the future. In fact, the near future. While we've hit the level we need to get a book out into the world for people to enjoy, there's a lot more that I'd love to do if given the chance. Some (in fact, quite a bit) of that additional material is already written, but to have it illustrated and properly placed isn't quite so simple. I'm ecstatic already, but it doesn't mean I don't still want to reach those stretch goals. More art, more music, more options for characters and ships... I wouldn't say we've been holding back on you, but we definitely have a lot more to show. :)

Kitesailor Illustration copyright Omercan Cirit 2020

And third, a little glimpse of the past. The earliest writing on the Wildsea I've been able to salvage, notes from the very first playtest game. Back from before it was named, when it was just a setting for some friends for fun, when it was all about the fight and barely touched upon the wonders and horrors of a new, vibrant world. 

Still got that squirrel. :)

We've come a long way, but we're not done yet. Your support has been overwhelming, and we're going to do our best to give you more of the world, of the art, of the experience - basically, the very best game that we can! Anything you can do to spread the word would be appreciated but, once more before I go...

Thank you all, so very, very much. 

- Felix