The Wildsea RPG

Created by Ray Chou

A post-fall fantasy roleplaying game set on an ocean of verdant green. Please note that this is a preorder store for fans who missed the live campaign but would still like to support the game. This game is in active development. Shipping will be charged separately closer to the game's delivery to reflect live shipping rates.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

The Wildsea Root Playtest is Here!
about 2 months ago – Sun, Oct 09, 2022 at 03:54:01 AM

Short and sweet today, people - the Root Playtest is now live (containing almost sixty pages of new material based around submersibles, and diving deeper than you really should).

The playtest contains a new bloodline, new origins and new posts, new hazards to combat, new leviathans, new options for turning your ship into a wildsea submersible and a new Pressure Gauge system to track the horrible weirdnesses that will inevitably befall crews heading into the depths. 

I'd love any feedback you have for me on this submersibles update, so hop across to the discord, leave a comment here or drop me an e-mail if you have things to say. And with that... Here's a link!


(it's hosted on patreon, but this one is open to the public - no need to subscribe or pay, just swing by and download it :) )

Looking forward to your thoughts, and I hope you get some good games out of the new content. Thanks in advance, and see you on the wild waves!

... or under them, I suppose. 

- Felix

USA Shipping Addendum: Multiple Books (3+), Shipping Paid After 08/22
about 2 months ago – Thu, Oct 06, 2022 at 12:20:35 AM

This post is for backers only. Please visit and log in to read.

about 2 months ago – Tue, Oct 04, 2022 at 04:14:23 AM

... For some of you, anyway, but for the others they're getting so close you should be able to taste them!

Hello Wildsailors, Felix here. 

September was a long old month, and a tiring one, but luckily for all involved the Wildsea news is overwhelmingly good. So I'm going to get the creative stuff out of the way, and then let Ray handle all the nuts and bolts - that's generally how we do things, and I see no reason to stop now! 


The playtest document for airships and submersibles was internally scheduled for release last Friday, but I ended up coming down with a surprisingly nasty bout of flu that delayed it slightly. Luckily, when I say slightly, I really do mean slightly - it needs about a day or so more of piecing together (with some new rulesa nd some wonderful new art assets), so you'll get your next mini update either tomorrow or on monday that's pretty much just going to be a link to the playtest document. 

As with our other playtests it's massively cut-down in terms of what we're showing off early, and it's going to be *scrappy as all HELL* - back to first draft territory, which feels very odd to release after doing the big shiny book. But this is how projects happen, and hopefully you'll see it as a lovely reminder of the Wildsea Playtest B/C days, where things werer still in black and white and we hadn't quite decided on... well, anything. Aside from the trees.

We were prettyy confident about the trees. 

So yes, watch this space in the VERY near future for Storm and Root shenanigans. Or rather, Root shenanigans, as we're focusing on the Pressure and Submersible rules first. So, to whet your appetite for the next mini-update, here are a few visual spoilers...

Opening rough text for the Diver, art by Omercan Cirit
Mantid Bloodline experimentation, this one focusing on a delicate coral-coloured orchid mantis type (we're going to have to decide on eye placement at some point...)
A snippet of flavour text and in-process art from one of our new deeps-dwelling leviathans, the Howl Eternal (art by Shmeckerel)
A slice of the first working roughs of the Pressure rules, for crews that want to go Deeper Than They Should (TM)
A few aspects from the first working version of the Raveller, a new Post based on spirits and skins and silks

... That should be enough of that for now! In fact, it's time to talk about...


Not a Wildsea thing, but something MADE by a Wildsea person. When The Moon Hangs Low is live on kickstarter, funding a print edition right now - it's written by Rob Leigh, who was the creator of the Kremich Surge reach in the Wildsea core book, and has art by Omercan Cirit (who you should all know by know :P ). So if weird horror is your thing, take a look at this and sling some money their way, they deserve it. In fact, I'll let Rob tell you about it himself...

When the Moon Hangs Low is a gothic action roleplaying game in which the players take on the mantle of hunters: people who have had a brief, traumatic encounter with the forces of darkness that has cursed them with an inescapable doom but also with strange, inhuman powers. Drawn to Harrowmire, a decaying city teetering on the edge of chaos, hunters are often all that stands between the citizens of the cursed city and the monsters that now haunt its streets.

Already a best-selling PDF, this Kickstarter aims to fund a printed edition filled with bespoke artwork by talented creators. Also included in the basic goal is an atmospheric soundtrack to accompany your expeditions into Harrowmire. There are a range of backer tiers, and a number of exciting stretch goals to add even more content to the book.

It's so strange seeing Omercan's artwork on non-Wildsea things, but it does make me smile :D


Hey Everyone! So here's where we stand...

  •  Orders for the USA - we're just about wrapped with fulfilling these, with a couple of exceptions (see the space below). 
  •  Orders for UK - our books just undocked on 09/27/22. We're awaiting the big bad VAT and from there hopefully our books will get to our warehouses next week, and then shortly into your hands. ~2 weeks out.
  •  Orders for CANADA / AUSTRALASIA - due to shipping rates (all hail the Commonwealth?), we're shipping Canadian and Australasia orders out of the UK. These will go out the same time as the UK. ~2-3 weeks out. 
  •  Orders for EU - unfortunately, it's going to be a little bit longer for EU backers. We need to coordinate freight from UK to Germany, then go through the whole processing VAT bit once again, then once it's setup in our warehouse. ~4-6 weeks out. 

Missing Firefly Folio? 

A small number of backers who added on the Firefly Folio on BackerKit at a later time have been reporting they haven't been receiving their Folios along with their books - that's our bad! We consolidated the SKUs for Firefly Folio packages as they come wrapped together with the book, but the orders added on over the past couple of months were not consolidated.

If this applies to you, please email us directly at : and we'll make sure to get you sorted.

Damaged Books / Missing Items ?

Similarly, if you have any damages or missing items, email us with pictures at: 


Have you received your dice yet? Please let us know! We're shipping these out from Might Dog Games separately, and we don't have much info as to their progress. Let us know in the comments below and we'll give them a gentle nudge as well. 

Virtual Play Surface 2.0

Finally, to close out my portion, I'd like to introduce you to a fully functional Virtual Play Surface with all of the character and ship options programmed in! 

Grab the Virtual Play Surface 2.0 here. 

Thank you to MrFishy to help us close out this very important document. May you always be... fishy. And awesome. He's awesome. Very awesome. Thanks Fishy! 


... And it's Felix again, with a reminder to keep your eyes glued to your inboxes for the Root Playtest in a day or two. The more feedback we get, the more games that get played, the more you let me know what you think, the better the game will be.

And a final personal thank you to everyone for their patience - it's been SO DAMN GOOD reading messages and seeing pictures on the Discord of people finally having their books in hands, and there'll be a lot more of you soon. even better is that despite the odd bit of shipping damage or transit-related problem, people seem overwhelmingly happy with how the book turned out. 

And that's the best thing I could possibly have asked for. 

So thanks, people. You're a great bunch. 

Speak to you again in a few days.

- Felix 

Shipping Charges
2 months ago – Fri, Sep 16, 2022 at 11:14:32 AM

Hey Everyone,

Good news! The books have arrived at our warehouse in the USA and we are ready to charge for shipping.

 Over the next few weeks you will be receiving automated messages from BackerKit under the title "Upcoming Charge" - please note that when you receive this message, you should review shipping charges and enter payment details if you haven't already provided that information.

We would like to lock shipping data on Wednesday, August 31st, 2022, meaning you have until that date to review and resolve shipping payment. 

Please note that you can also access your BackerKit information through here:

The Wildsea: Fallen Stars

Also! Felix has begun updated the Wildsea AP: Fallen Stars, starting with Session 0 - Shipbuilding! 

More episodes in the weeks ahead! 


Thanks everyone! On the home stretch now! 


Ides of August - Gen Con, Shipping, Fulfillment ETAs ++
3 months ago – Sun, Aug 28, 2022 at 02:40:46 PM

Hey Everyone,

It's mid-August! Meant to update a lot sooner, but somehow this month has gone by in a blink of an eye. We had quite the busy month, and it will be quite busy for some time yet! But there's a lot of good news on the horizon and some in the waves around us, so I'll just get into it.

Gen Con! 

We recorded a video right after Gen Con! Alas, we meant to update all of you sooner, but it seemed daft to update without shipping rates having gone out.  Nonetheless, here's what we had to say:

My personal highlight was getting to play a wonderful game of For the Queen with our Mythopoeia crew (minus Felix...because of course he is the Queen), as well as of course seeing so many of you so happy with how The Wildsea came out. Thank you, everyone. We've learned so much and could not have done any of this without you. 

Shipping Rates

And so onto the big news - we're ready to charge for shipping! Right, here's where we landed with shipping after taking a bite out of shipping, which takes the form of reducing the overall rate, paying for IOSS registration, and VATs, as well as reducing the shipping rates for each territory: 

USA - $9 USD

UK - $9 USD

EU - $9-15 USD, depending (warehouse is based in Germany)



ROW - $22 USD

Now keep in mind this is for one book with a total package weight of around 2 kgs. It'll be more for more books and we're shipping the retailer tiers directly ourselves.  We did our best to reduce the rates as much as we can - in fact, we managed to reduce the cost per package by about 2 dollars across the board for the USA, UK and Europe, and by around 20 dollars for Australia, New Zealand and Canada (countries constantly hit by horrendous shipping rates). We're still a little nervous about this as working with warehouses can sometimes lead to unexpected fees popping up, but we're fairly certain that with the gross from Gen Con we'll be able to cover it.

Also of note - this is cheaper than what we charged preorder backers who came to the booth at Gen Con and SDCC - those backers were pre-charged $10 USD for shipping. That, coupled with the difference in Kickstarter price ($49 versus $60) means that backers of this campaign will have paid a significant discount from the final retail price of the product. So thank you backers, and thank you Gen Con! 

BackerKit - Very Important! 

BackerKit will be notifying you soon to pay shipping these upcoming days and weeks. 

If you can, please fill out and pay for shipping as soon as you can. 

Our most important task now is to pass over shipping data to our warehouses, but we can't do that until we have shipping paid for. That said -  please, folks, fill out your shipping and confirm your order right quick! If you need a link to where the BackerKit lives, we'll have that in our next update once it's gone live!

Preorders - Closing Imminently 

We're also closing the preorders for The Wildsea on BackerKit at the end of the week! After that, we're going to wait until after we complete fulfillment before listing the game at our webstore on:

Then, in the Fall, we're making a major push into retail and just trying to foster and grow The Wildsea as much as possible. We'll keep you updated as we go! 

Dice - On the Way Out! 

I'm giving the order to Dog Might to ship out the dice for The Wildsea! We're excited to get these into your hands and they were a big hit over at Gen Con. It feels great rolling these hefty hand carved wooden dice. Felix took home a set of all three designs - the first time in decades he's owned dice! 

Expect these to arrive coinciding with your books if you're in NA, and earlier than your books if you're in the other territories. 

North American Books - Made Landfall! 

Right! Now that we have Gen Con squared away, I'm super excited to announce that our USA books have made landfall in Los Angeles and cleared customs! Now they're awaiting appointment to our 3PL (scheduled for today), where, once we have shipping sorted, we'll be ready to batch ship them en masse! In other words, we're at the moment on target to ship by the end of the month (though I also said we would lock shipping late July / early August... so grains of salt all around)

In order for us to begin shipping, we need to provide our 3PL with a spreadsheet with all of the relevant information, buy boxes, and then send instructions on how we want things to ship to our partners. From there it should be smooth sailing and most packages for this campaign will only contain a single SKU - so fingers crossed it all goes smoothly. 

That said, it's important we lock shipping as soon as possible so please don't procrastinate filling out and finalizing those BackerKits! 

UK Books - Still on a Boat! 

Our books in the United Kingdom are scheduled to make landfall 08/27, and will hopefully clear customs around 09/01. Once it's there, it's the same process to coordinate fulfillment as in the USA. Hopefully by the time books are in the UK everything is gravy with all of the info for backers there locked. 

EU Books  - Shipped out from UK to Germany

Right, this is where it gets tricky. We need to freight about 500 copies from the United Kingdom over to Germany to fulfill EU orders. This may take a couple of months, and we're less sure of the timeframe there. We're finalizing the paperwork with a IOSS One Stop Shop program in Germany, and from there will need to arrange for the freight forwarding from the UK to Germany. 

That will cost a bit extra (and where a large part of the bite out of shipping is going) in both the form of freight and VAT. All that said, for our European backers, our best estimated guess for fulfillment at the current moment is around late October or early November. 

Sorry folks! On the plus side, you will only have to hopefully pay the one fee which is greatly lowered from our last campaign with not extra VAT hit and potentially damaging handling of the product in between. 

Canadian + Australian / NZ Books

We're still looking into Canadian options, but the same process might play itself out with Canadian backers. We may have to freight to a Canadian warehouse and have the goods delivered from there, depending on how certain quotes get back to us from our fulfillment partners. 

Same applies to Australian and NZ backers. A lot of people could potentially provide shipping to those regions, but we unfortunately are a bit behind on these two territories. In an ideal situation we would've had partners locked before manufacturing so that all of the freight goes out from China instead of backtracking, but these are the tough lessons (plus many more) we've learned! 

We'll be much smarter next time out. 

Tik Tok

Also from the Gen Con experience vault, check out this conversation that began between Team Wildsea that is now setting Tik Tok ablaze! 

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below! 


Next update will hopefully be a short and wonderful one announcing that fulfillment is officially underway, as well as some other fun news! Before then, though, I'm going to hand the microphone to Felix to close us out today: 

Hello people, Felix here! 

So, Gencon! It was a hell of an experience - completely overwhelmed me on day one with the level of interest and support that people showed, and then I slowly opened up to the experience and, by day two, was running pick-up games and chatting to fans and strangers and other designers and it was just... brilliant. 

But there was a highlight for me, in the shape of a particular person - a person who didn't get to say much in the video we linked above, which is actually criminal, because they gave 100% at pretty much ever moment of every day. 

Ric, head of playtesting - come on down! 

He's the one at the back, in the middle! But you might be more familiar with him...
... here! *Art by Omercan Cirit*

Ric has probably put the most time into the Wildsea outside of me, Ray, and the artists. As head of playtesting he's easily played over a thousand hours of the Wildsea, and that might not even take into account the time he's spent as a player, both in various online games, in real life, and in the Actual Play! During the con Ric took all of that same energy and creativity he uses for games and channeled it into repping the book to anyone and everyone within earshot, and once the floor was closed at the end of each day he kept going on the social side of things with the rest of us too - even opened up his home to me so I could see more of America while I was there. 

You never really know, with people you've only ever met online, how things will go in person - I'm just glad our Head of Playtesting is as vibrant in real life as he is on Discord. 


If you're part of our Discord community you'll likely have seen MrFishy hanging around the place, throwing out stellar ideas and positive comments like a happy leafblower (that probably made more sense in my head). For Gencon MrFishy ran the online portion of the Wildsea for us and, though we didn't get to see it ourselves due to being at the venue, we're incredibly grateful that he did (and have had some lovely feedback on it too). So thanks Fishy, for being our digital saviour! 

ANYWAY, with all that mushy friend-stuff out of the way, what else does Felix have to say?

Simple - I'm really happy that books are almost in hands, having now seen them myself I'm overjoyed with how they've turned out, and that work on Storm and Root is going really well now I don't have constant convention worries in my head! 

A selection of teaser images, going from 'most likely to have seen' on the left to 'you definitely haven't seen this' on the right. Art by Omercan Cirit, Shmeckerel and Pierre Demet!

Oh, and the long-awaited Actual Play

It's uploading now! I've been moving house behind the scenes, and am finally settled into a place with a stable connection again. And a sofa! So by the time you read this it won't be available, but by the time you wake up tomorrow and want something to watch as you roll 6s on your journey to work, it (SHOULD) be there.

Stay safe, wildsailing types - Felix out!