The Wildsea RPG

Created by Ray Chou

A post-fall fantasy roleplaying game set on an ocean of verdant green. Please note that this is a preorder store for fans who missed the live campaign but would still like to support the game. This game is in active development. Shipping will be charged separately closer to the game's delivery to reflect live shipping rates.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

The Road Ahead - Meetings, Milestones, and Mansions
almost 2 years ago – Wed, Dec 02, 2020 at 07:41:21 AM

Hey Everyone! 

To our American backers - hope you had a wonderful, relaxing, and safe holiday weekend. We over at Team  Wildsea had a bit of respite from a hectic two months. Some games were played, plans made, and celebrations shared. Now we're back ready to go with a book to make. Let's get into it. 

All Hands !

Shortly after the conclusion of the campaign, the entire creative and publishing team had the chance to meet face to face (virtually) for the first time. It was nice seeing the principles involved in the project, chat, and hash out the road ahead. 

Forgot to take a picture during the meeting, so instead here is a picture of our glorious leader with posh accessories sure to enliven homes this holiday season.

During the meeting, we primarily covered how workflow is going to established and continuously refined and iterated upon in the weeks and months ahead. We have a pretty good plan for how we're going to tackle making this book, some of which we're going to share with you today.

Quickstart Playtest C 

The next major milestone for The Wildsea is the release of Quickstart Playtest C in around 1-2 weeks. This release will contain the majority of content previewed over the past two months, including new Bloodlines, Posts, and Origins. Crucially, Quickstart C will also contain updated rules for advancement as well as new iterations of Reaches. This Quickstart will be exclusive to Backers as well as members of our Discord community - our way of saying thank you for supporting us this far.

The Horizoneer, one of the new Posts that will be available in Quickstart Playtest C.

Quickstart Playtest C will also be the last set of rules drafted in the existing format established in previous Quickstarts. Once this set of rules is out, we begin the long arduous journey to converting The Wildsea into a full a color printed rulebook. 

Introducing: BlueTwoDays

That said, it's my pleasure to announce our layout artist for the project, Leo Cheung aka BlueTwoDays!

Leo's original art on his game, Parselings. Click through for more info.

Leo is a polymath in the true sense of the word. A former dentist, he now plies his trade as a do-it-all artist who is capable of solving any problem.

An example of Leo's layout work for Parselings.

His game, Parselings, is 100% created, developed, arted, and laid out by him. He's a one man art army and we're honored to have him on the team.

Some very early thumbnails exploring composition.

We can't emphasize the importance of a good layout artist enough. In comics, the role of a Letterer completes the work of the whole with precision to be unnoticed. Layouts guide the eye and feel in a similar manner.  In addition to working closely with Felix and the other artists on the overall look and feel of the book, Leo will also be one of the last people to handle the files before we send them off to the printer. 

The work he creates for our layout templates will heavily  evoke the existing Quickstart Rules Felix has put together. We're excited to have Leo on board the project and can't wait to see what he comes up with for the Wildsea!

Campaign Testing

To coincide with the release of Quickstart C, we'll also be opening up a new phase of playtesting - campaign playtesting! In the past two months, the amount of hours on the lignin tide has grown exponentially. Thanks to the stewardship of Ryan and Ric, we're now up to around 1-3 playtests daily on the Discord. It's been a joy seeing the community grow so fast and the enthusiasm for the game is palpable. 

This baby can hold so many playtesters.

This new phase of testing will involve a new Google Survey form to be filled by players/fireflies at the end of each session. Again, we'd love it if you decided to become a playtester in the upcoming weeks. Campaign Crews will get special acknowledgement in the rules, named by Ship. 

We're asking that those that play campaign-style register a minimum of 6 play sessions in a row with corresponding feedback after each session. More when we have the campaign playtest forms up and running! 

Cycle of Iteration

We've designed our workflow around the concept of iteration. The book will be built in three distinct phases - what we're calling The Model, The Shed, and The Mansion.

The Model - Once Quickstart C is complete, Felix and Leo will turn their attention to creating three strong layout templates - one for Pierre's work, one for Omercan's, and one for Katy's - that will form the basis of the look and feel of the book going forward. This a crucial step akin to developing the first five pages of a comic book - we'll be testing full colors and two page layouts during this cycle.  

The Shed - Once we have a strong aesthetic template from the Model, we'll be working on a new iteration of the abbreviated rules - Quickstart Playtest D. This will be the first release / preview of the full colored book to Backers. We'll be converting the existing rules into the new format as well as hopefully releasing a bunch of new content for this release.

The Mansion - Once Quickstart D drops, our attention turns to the completion of the Core Rules. The design of this section will be done in chunks, though the collective we'll colloquially refer to as 'The Mansion.' When we get this phase, expect us to release samples like the Firefly Section, Hazards, Reaches separately rather than all at once.  

The three phases allow us three main cycles where we can further work on developing not only the look and feel of the book, but also the communication and creative balance between the team. We know there will be unexpected challenges along the way, but we look forward to tackling and solving them as they come. The Quickstart is a strong hull - we're just purchasing more fittings now that we have the stakes :)

Bestiary, Cameo, & Leviathan Tiers

If you are one of our backers at the Bestiary, Cameo, or Leviathan Tiers, expect an email from either myself or Felix (with the other CC'd) once the funds for the campaign have closed. The process for getting these tiers developed will work roughly as follows: 

  • Felix and Ray contact you via email, introduce ourselves and the general parameters of the project. 
  • You reply, pitching your idea to Felix and working back and forth with him to refine the concept into something that is 'Wildsea'-able, earning Felix's official canon stamp of approval.
  • From there, we bring in the artists into the workflow, keeping you updated as new drafts of art come in.
  • You'll also of course receive full credits in the book :D

Again, probably another week or two before these emails are sent out. Once the funds clear. 

Future Updates

Expect a couple of updates in December as we gear up to release Quickstart C and move into Campaign Playtesting. Once the new year begins, we're going to hunker down and really get to work. That said, expect an update on the Kickstarter about once a month starting in January. We'll try to time them at the beginning of the month and hopefully will have plenty of progress and content to show. 

Otherwise, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, you can reach us directly via Kickstarter, email, or the discord. Discord is once again probably the fastest way to reach us, though elsewhere you can find us at: or 

Hot off the Press!

Obsidian Portal did a review of the Wildsea Quickstart B. Check it out:

Felix also did an interview for Hacked in the Dark, a podcast about Forged in the Dark Games: 

Ryan's Actual Play for Go Jess is up on Youtube now:

If you have Wildsea stuff you'd like to share, hit us up! We'll be glad to post it. 

Until next time! 


The Year of the Wildsea
about 2 years ago – Wed, Nov 25, 2020 at 11:59:26 PM

Hello people, Felix here. 

Before I get into the meat of this update, the excited congratulations and content reveals, I want to shine a light on the private side of development, the bit 'behind the curtain'. It'll be a little sombre, so if you're just here for the big kickstarter success bonanza bit feel free to skip ahead to the first heading down below. I won't hold it against you. :)

Let me share a little something with you from the start of the year. From the First of January, in fact. Taken straight from, a post seen by... what, twenty people? Maybe? 

It seems so long ago now...

My intentions were clear, but my path was anything but. I had some positive responses from the early playtesters and one or two industry types, some useful criticism and encouragement from the design spaces on reddit, but nothing in the way of a wider following and none of the social media experience needed to create one. I had bills to pay and loved ones to think about, and I'd seen others go under through pursuit of a passion project without a definite end goal in sight. It's easy to get wrapped up in what you love, after all, but reality needs to take the reins from time to time. 

So I gave myself that end goal. As I publicly promised that 2020 would be the year of the Wildsea, I promised myself in private that if it wasn't, it would be the end of the Wildsea instead. I'd release what I had and move focus to something else. I thought, at best, I might be able to scrape through a kickstarter with enough funds to pay myself back for the art spend over the previous years, finish off a basic version of the book and head for a digital release.


I think it's safe to say that things have turned out better than I could have hoped for. :)

We're Funded!

Now those are some exciting words to type!

First off, as is customary, the biggest possible thank you to everybody that's played a part in getting us here. To Ray and Vince from Mythopoeia for agreeing to publish me, to Ric and Ryan for being some of my most dedicated playtesters over the past few years, and for keeping the Discord community at full steam with regular games. To the folks over at RPGDesign and RPGCreation, for all of the useful feedback. To the artists and all of the life they've breathed into the world. To Ben Dutter and OneShot, for making and playing Belly of the Beast, a game without which I would never have had the confidence to dive headfirst into a weird fantasy setting. To Darren Korb and the Supergiant team, whose music was the backing track to at least 50% of the game's creation. To my loved ones for supporting me, and keeping me on task.

And, perhaps most of all, to the backers for taking a chance on the Wildsea and throwing their money behind it. All 2692 of you!

Thank you so much. How can I ever repay you?

Oh, right - with a game. :D

The Future of the Wildsea

We've raised enough to do what we need to do to bring the Wildsea to you in its maximal form, the best game it could possibly be. We'll be releasing a set of monthly development milestones sometime in the near future, a schedule to hold ourselves accountable to. I'll let Ray do that bit though, he does a good job at pushing me to produce. 

My first task is to take a break for a day or so, then get back to work on the next updated playtest. More bloodlines, origins, posts, ship options and hazards to try out at your table, as well as a first look at some of the new arconautic content. 

Including the Steep, an arconautic post created by our very own Ric Heise!

New options for advancement and character development, new ways to make a character and create aspects of your own. A new microguide as soon as possible as well, to make it as easy as possible for new players to learn and reference the basic rules and setting of the Wildsea as they play. 

And, importantly, new Reaches - pre-defined areas of the Wildsea that break some of the normal rules, perfect for players and GMs that want to jump right in or see some more of what we use at our own tables. 

And I don't want to spoil too much before the actual playtest release, but some of you will have caught Pierre Demet's art streams over the last month, so it feels a shame not to showcase something he's worked so hard on...

Old Venom Raz, the largest port of Venom Grand

Venom Grand, one the new wildsea reaches - a place of leviathan insects, drifting miasmic smoke and the definitely unsafe alchemical practice of mining crystalline fluid deposits from titanic chitinous corpses. I hope you enjoy basing one-shots and campaigns there as much as I've enjoyed detailing it - and that's only one of the 3 (4? I don't want to get too ambitious, but...).

The Sound of Waves

We're also working hard on things outside of the book itself, materials made to make play as easy and immersive as possible. We have playsheets and digital resources in the works, wooden dice all set to go (though the production process on that one is going to take some time), but my personal favourite out-of-book project at the moment has to be the music. Liam Vaughan has been hard at work over the past few weeks, trialling different instruments and effects to find some core Wildsea sounds. He did the music for our Kickstarter video and nailed that, and I think he's going from strength to strength in terms of capturing the feeling of the rustling waves. 

But don't take my word for it - listen for yourselves! Here's a track he's produced to show off some of the different instruments commonly found across the wildsea, everything from the wolf-wire ravito and jawcordion to the tzelicrae trisketar and ektus hip-drums. 

 There is something amazing about not just seeing, but hearing the waves of this weird, weird world come to life! And as someone who's privy to snatches of audio for the upcoming tracks as well, I can honestly say we've got some great stuff lined up. 

The Online Community

And here's another open offer to join us on the Discord - we have usually between 7 and 10 playtest games run there every week now, thanks in huge part to a whole host of new Fireflies gearing up to take the GM spot for old and new players alike. It's a friendly place, and there's a lot of community-created content being created there too - not just art, audio and short fiction, but bloodlines, origins and posts are being revealed by eager Discord members who've caught the creative spark there too!

A Final Thanks

And yes, I've said it already, but it wouldn't feel right to end this campaign-success update without another thank you to all of you. So, uh...

Thanks, people. You're the best. :)

See you on the wildsea. 

- A Very Happy Felix

One One Seven, Seven Six Eight
about 2 years ago – Wed, Nov 25, 2020 at 02:52:15 AM

It might seem like an odd number to celebrate...

But hear me out. :)

With the campaign in its last 24 hours, I set out to write a final, congratulatory post that was to go live tomorrow - about sixteen hours from now, in fact. It was going to be a mixture of thanks, art reveal, plans for the future, a peek behind the curtain and, most likely, more thanks.

One of the things it was going to thank you all for was for getting us to 100k, which is an extremly large amount of money to put into the capable hands of Mythopoeia and enough to fund everything we could possibly have dreamed of in terms of the content, art and assets for the Wildsea's physical book release.

Well, turns out I underestimated the power of last-minute backers!

So as I put the finishing touches on my 100k message, I checked the kickstarter amount again. I try not to do it too much - it can be extremely distracting.

And that was the number - 117,768 dollars. 

So here's my new message of thanks, to all of you who have backed or thought about backing or spread the word - thank you for the 100k, and the 110k, and the 115k...

But most of all, thank you for the 117,768. :D

Quite possibly my new favourite number.

New Origin

While we've released some new WIP bloodlines and posts on the discord (and these will all be fully released in the next public playtest scheduled for release a few weeks from now too), we've been pretty light on information about new origins. This is partly because, well, secrets are exciting - we want to be able to pleasantly surprise you with new content for every iteration leading up to the final release.

But it's also partly because Origins are harder to write than Bloodlines or Posts, because their scope is so much wider. They're not what you are or what you do, but where you're from - thematically, rather than just geographically. The Rootless grew up on ships, but their flavour text, drives and aspects all work toward more than that, a strong focus on family and survival and community in a dangerous world. Ridgebacks may live on mountaintops but they're defined as much by their cults and the things they've done to survive as the ground they stand on. Then you've got Shanklings and their elegant bravery, and Spit-Born with their shrewdness and social smarts. 

Every Origin needs to say something important about a character's past, the places or cultures or events that made the biggest marks. The ones that helped shape their view of the world, I suppose.

So with all that said, maybe it's time for some people to strike out on their own.

The Windward, defiant to the end

The Windward follow their own paths, defined not by where they grew up but the journey they're on. I hope you'll have some fun with them next time you head out onto the waves. 

Anyway, I'll save the rest of the news for tomorrow - looks like it's going to be a pretty important day for us here!

Thank you again, all of you. 

- Felix

The Farthest Reaches
about 2 years ago – Sat, Nov 21, 2020 at 01:57:40 AM

Good evening, kickstarter people! I think it's time for another update...

So first off, thank you all so much for pushing us over the 85k mark - now that we've unlocked the Farthest Reaches stretch goal, I have the opportunity to throw some exciting weirdness into the optional setting materials (and exciting weirdness is very much my favourite part to work on, as a writer).

But not everything out on the waves is an exploration of the uncanny - sometimes reality comes crashing through and hits hard. And, whether it's in the chemical crack of a firearm or the jabs of an angry pinwolf, your characters are going to take a knock every now and then. 

Luckily for you, we have something for that...

The Surgeon

A healer of flesh and mind alike, few long-travelling ships leave port without the surgeon's post filled by a competent professional (or an enthusiastic amateur). The post will be a part of the updated Quickstart rules scheduled for release after campaign's end, but here's a teaser for those of you that want to incorporate a healing touch into your games as soon as possible. 

Adjust your spectacles and grip that bonesaw tight... There's no end of work out on the rustling waves.

And with that little teaser pushed out into the world, I'll leave the rest of this update to Ray!


Expect more pictures and exclamation points! This hype train has no breaks. 

Prototype #2 of the Wildsea Dice. Design almost final, but not quite. Black Walnut Engraved.

Dog Might Games 

Felix and I are happy to officially announce that we are partnering with Dog Might Games to handcraft the beautiful wooden dice we've hinted at and shown above. Dog Might Games is a crafter of original  accessories for tabletop games shop based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. 

Wooden Dice: The Lowdown

Indian Ebony + Enlay

So here's the deal. Each set of six dice will be handcrafted and packaged, carved, shaped, and engraved to order. There's a not-insignificant cost to making these dice in both material and labor.  As such, the price of these dice reflect a premium product that supports living wages and manufacturing in the USA: 

  • Black Walnut (Engraved): $45
  • Chechen (+Inlay): $60
  • Indian Ebony (+Inlay): $70

You'll be able to add-on dice via Kickstarter a couple of minutes after this update goes out. You'll also be able to add on orders when our pledge manager goes live! (whenever that is...)

Chechen Wood with Enlay. Design not final. Of note - we're probably going to go a little bit closer to bone white for the enlay if we can.

 $25 - Plastic Dice? 

We understand that the dice presented may be potentially out of many people's budget for dice. We're also exploring the possibility of offering cheaper set of plastic design (with the same pip designs) at $25 for a set of six.

If you're interested in a set of $25 dice, please fill out the form linked.

Manufacturing plastic dice  would cost somewhere in the $3,000-5,000 range to produce 500-600 sets, depending on other factors like country of origin, packaging, etc. Internally, this means that in order to break even we'd have to sell around 130 units. We're not sure what the demand is for dice, so if you're interested please fill out the form. If there isn't enough interest, we won't pursue it further. 

Press Clippings

To close today, some recent press clippings featuring The Wildsea! 


Have question? Want to catch a game or three? Join the Discord! 


- Felix and Ray 

Send Specimens Plz

Stuff, More Stuff, and Stuff!
about 2 years ago – Tue, Nov 17, 2020 at 10:59:24 AM

Ahoy Wildsailors!

I'll bet a dollar that the smoothies are nutritious and delicious on the Wildsea.


The Lion's Mane. They come in pairs dont'cha know?

Additional Content + Crew

Okay, so we're still working behind the scenes talking to designers and other folk to bring on board. We don't want to overpromise, underdeliver, etc. etc. THAT SAID - we do have a couple of announcements regarding some of the additional content BUT - the new stuff starts with familiar faces.

Ric Heise - The Steep

Ric is one of the mods on the Wildsea Discord and the head of playtesting. Back in ye olden days (circa ten weeks ago) he bravely stewarded the Wildsea Discord, Fireflying for Wildsailors Far and Wide Almost Three to Four Times a Week!

To this day he is the player with the most hours in The Wildsea - more than even Felix himself (he can't deny it- we have the tapes!). The importance of those hours cannot be understated. See, the thing about games is in order to make them any good they actually have to be played. Crazy, huh? Design is iteration, and Ric has allowed the Wildsea to engage in that iteration process more than any other single soul, the mad lad.

The Steep. Now an official part of the Wildsea!

Ric is  the first designer we are bringing on board to create additional content - starting with the Steep. The fan favorite fan Post is now an official part of the Wildsea!  Ric is also working on a new Origin that is as-yet-publicly-unnamed based on those that choose to live in the dense wilds of the tangle rather than on the surface of the canopy.

Ryan Khan

In the days leading up to lockdown, Felix found himself on the strange shores of the New World, presenting his latest theorems of fictional ritual to a group of simians with sharp strange accents. The presentation went well. They seemed to enjoy his creation, the seeds of what we call the Wildsea.

Then everything changed.    

A wanderer of the seas, Felix found himself stranded in the northern lands known as 'Canada,' unable to return to a home that he no longer recognized. Luckily, The One True K was there to provide shelter. And food. And video games. The essentials to staying alive in 2020.     

Ryan is the other half of the mod team on the Discord. He probably has the second or third most hours on the lingin' tide behind Ric and maybe Felix, part of the original home group! He's also the Wildsea's official Sensitivity Reader, Firefly and now official designer.

Currently, Ryan is working on a new Post based on debris, destruction, and demolition. I don't know how Ryan feels about the Oxford comma but I'm still a firm believer dammit. Ryan is also working on a optional GMless module that allows you to run games without a Firefly!  Maybe if you ask him nicely he'll tell you more on the Discord!

Ryan is also making his stream debut this upcoming Saturday, November 21st, from 2:00 to 5:00 pm EST on go_jg's twitch! Make sure to check it out if you're looking for more Wildsea content! 

Actual Play Stuff

Speaking of content! After discussing it with Felix, we've decided that as part of our Actual Play Stretch Goal, we're to releasing Wildsea streaming assets for anyone to use.  You can find them here or by clicking on the link below:    

So if you've asked us in the past couple of weeks if you can stream the Wildsea - the answer is of course! AND NOW YOU HAVE SOME NIFTY OVERLAYS TO USE FOR THAT SICK STREAM! Please let us know if you decide to stream. We'll let the community know as well :)

Also, important to note is that we're still committed to doing an Actual Play series with some bells and whistles! It actually makes a lot of sense for us as well as the next phase of playtesting once the next Quickstart is out shifts into campaign play.

Announcing: Mistletoe_kiss

Finally, I'm excited to announce that the first new designer to create content for the Wildsea: Mistletoe_kiss! Mistletoe_kiss is a professional Indigenous game master and content creator for TTRPGs. When she is not creating new fiction you can find her writing or roleplaying a campaign within the community. You may be familiar with her as Daisy from the first Wildsea Actual Play or as She Who Ships in Darkness in the Blades in the Dark community! @Mistletoetrex

MK is an incredible Game Master who evokes incredible imagery and pushes players and characters into deliciously dark directions. Check out the Hacked in the Dark actual of play of MonkeyEcho's A Fistful of Darkness above and how she frames the first scene.  We just started playing last week and I cannot wait to be back at her table.

For the Wildsea, MK will be crafting the Ambered Irons, an area of Ironroots that seems to be an ambered leviathan graveyard. What will you find beneath its crystalline depths? I don't know, but I'm excited to find out!

Other Designers

More soon on our other designers, hopefully next week before the campaign closes!

Final Week

Speaking of which, we're just about entering the final week of the campaign! A hearty thank you to all for getting us this far. As we head into the final week, please help us close strong by playing some games, sending good vibes , and spreading the word! We appreciate all of you and the wonderful community that we're building.

And if you're wondering where you can get your hands on all of the wondrous unreleased content I've been previewing in this post - yeah, the Discord. The plan is to release an updated, Backers Only Quickstart once the campaign closes. 

And then from there, we keep grinding, iterating every couple of months until we're ready to go to Print. 

So uh, I guess this might be my longest Kickstarter update ever? Alrighty then! 


- Ray