The Wildsea RPG

Created by Ray Chou

A post-fall fantasy roleplaying game set on an ocean of verdant green. Please note that this is a preorder store for fans who missed the live campaign but would still like to support the game. This game is in active development. Shipping will be charged separately closer to the game's delivery to reflect live shipping rates.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Wild Waters / We Were Trees
4 months ago – Sat, Aug 13, 2022 at 08:05:06 AM

Good (possible) morning, wildsailors! Felix here. 

Wildsea island is split down the middle at the moment, with all hands on three very different decks. Somehow. So, to delve straight into it, we're going to be touching on Storm & Root, Physical Books and Gencon (in roughly that order)! I'll keep my bit short and to the point, and then let Ray do some dazzling. :)

The Dark, The Heat, The Cloying Swarms

Sometimes you need to try something a few different ways before you get it right. In the spirit of possibly-right-but-not-sure-yet, here's a sneak peek at the Diver, one of the new Storm & Root posts that'll be on offer for playtesting very soon (hopefully just post-gencon). 

Character art by, you guessed it, Omercan Cirit! Words by... Well, me.

The Diver (and the skyward equivalent of the Diver which I have yet to properly show off) both rely on a new type of aspect known as a 'Complex Aspect', allowing you to choose a couple of benefits and a drawback when you take it. These complex aspects are quite chunky but they seem (so far) to do a good job of giving players choices even when they take an aspect that feels 'essential' for a particular background choice. 

Complex aspects aren't definitely here to stay, but that's what playtesting is for - trying things out and seeing if they work or not, seeing how they're used, seeing how they break. 

And on the subject of playtesting we're talking about some initial scraps over on the Discord, which is linked RIGHT HERE! 

Now, as fun as Storm & Root is, I know it's not what most of you are here for this month. 

Ray, you're on!


That's me! 

My most used emoji, like, ever.

The Books are Printed! 

Good news everyone! The books have been printed and assembled! 

Unfortunately these are the best pictures we have at the moment because Felix does not have his copy yet and neither do I! We hope to change that soon. I guess that's as good of any as the transition to the next section...

Shipping - Next! 

We're getting ready to ship! The books are scheduled to leave port 07/11 to the shores of the United States and Great Britain by both land and sea.  

That said, we're aiming to lock and charge for shipping at the end of the month for the majority of territories (except for possibly EU). 

We're doing calculations right now and double checking our spreadsheets to make sure we get everything right. Just FYI everyone... the cost of just about everything, including shipping, have gone up since we launched the campaign in 2020.

beep boop beep.

We're working with our UK warehouse to offer IOSS-VAT Friendly Shipping to the EU. They are currently negotiating with other couriers based in the Netherlands to work out a solution and as of two weeks ago, said it would take about 5-6 weeks to secure the deal. As a result, there is a possibility that EU shipments may be delayed by a couple of weeks (charging + shipping) as our provider, Bezos, sources out deals with EU couriers. 

We will keep you updated with the latest when we have it. 

2020. Remember when those were the good ole' days? In any case, we're updating our rates with the latest and greatest and implemented what we learned last time out using 3rd Party Logistics for the first time. Our processes are becoming more efficient and the pricing should be better, but that's relative to this past year and not, unfortunately, 2020, when we kicked off the campaign.  

Fulfillment Timeline 

Here's our updated timeline: 

  • Books leave boat and plane from Hong Kong on 07/11. 
  • Felix and Ray receive sample copies 07/18.
  • Boats arrive on shore ~08/01. 
  • Shipping charged and locked.
  • Gen Con 08/04 to 08/07
  • Fulfillment begins ~08/20

A lot depends on how fast the boats are able to offload at ports when they arrive. That has been the choke point in recent months, but hopefully things are smoother now than they were a couple of months ago.

Skies of Fire: Collected Edition

The books collecting all eight issues and the full story. Eight years in the making!

We're  launching a new campaign for the Skies of Fire: Collected Edition on Tuesday July 19th, 2022.  This one is for the printed collected edition of Skies of Fire, our first comic and crowdfunded project ever! It's really special to us as it represents the culmination of eight years of blood, sweat, and tears - what's allowed us to even get into game design and publishing in the first place. 

Hope to see you there! 

Gen Con

We'll be at Gen Con! August 4th - 7th in Entrepreneurship Alley. If you're going please stop on by and say hello. We can't wait to see you there!  

As a crew, we touched base last night about our plan for the show, and how to best demo The Wildsea. The plan as of now is to host short demo tables at our booth and ticketed events - we've submitted for our events but haven't heard if they've been accepted yet. That said, we'll probably need to brush up on Fireflying over the next couple of weeks! 

So if you're in the Wildsea Discord come hang and play some games - we need the practice! 

An Apology 

We also heard from some of you who are frustrated  that people at the show are going to be able to pick up their books before the backers. That really frustrates us too, and I'm deeply sorry that it ended up this way.  As a backer I know how frustrating that can be when people other than the original backers get a product / reward first.  That said, we did really both consider not going to Gen Con because frankly we spent our entire budget making the book, meaning going to Gen Con would be out of pocket as opposed to using funds from this campaign. 

After we made the decision to commit and post last month's post, one of you reached out and directed us to a cash grant for small businesses like ours.  We... got it, and that's allowed us the means to go. 

No cap. Thank you, universe, and our beloved patron backer for lighting the way. 

We couldn't do it without you.  

At Gen Con, we're hoping to recoup our costs (ie the grant amount) by selling out of all 100 books in addition to 75 preorders. (plus 40 copies of Skies of Fire: Book 1 and Glow: Book 1 ...) 

Regardless of if we hit that though, Felix and I have decided that we're putting whatever gross profits we obtain from the show to cut the total costs in shipping. It might only amount to a smidgen, but we're going to do our best to take a chunk out of it by having the best show we possibly can. 

I know we can't please everyone, but we're trying to do right by all of you. We're sorry it's taken so long, and sorry about some of the missteps we've made along the way, but I hope at the end of the day you'll be proud to have supported this campaign and game.


Hey, how are you? 

World's a crazy place innit? 

Seems like these days all we really have is each other.  Hope you're doing okay.  

Us? We're hanging in there.

Excited to get these books in your hand, and for more people to get a taste of the Wildsea. It's been long and perilous journey thus far... 

- Ray 

Sometimes Quiet Is Good
4 months ago – Sat, Aug 13, 2022 at 08:01:47 AM

Hello wildsailors, Felix here!

A month without an update? Unprecedented in Wildsea history, what hideous problems and unexpected mires have struck behind the scenes?

None, which is a lovely change after the start of this year! :D 

Printing is progressing (though I'll leave Ray to update you on that below), games have been happening and, most importantly for me, progress on the Airships and Submersibles expansion has been made. So for my bit of this happy little update, let me tell you a little about that...


It's good to see a title on a page after so long of just calling it 'Airships and Submersibles'. The prime focus of Storm & Root is on surviving (and thriving in) areas of the rustling waves that have traditionally been difficult to access for the average wildsailor. I will hastily point out here that this doesn't mean the skies and the depths are suddenly just around the corner - it takes a good amount of stakes to outfit an existing ship to reliably access either, though for those that have a specific experience in mind there's always the option of building an airship or a submersible right out of the gate. 

The original 'lift systems' for wildsea ships, added here for posterity so you can look back once the expansions is out and say to yourself 'wait, there used to be only four of them?'

But it's not all ships and ship-related things. As well as some new optional rules there's a whole mess of new reaches, hazards and background options for you to take while creating or advancing your characters. I don't want to spoil too much too early, but there's a few new posts on the way, a couple of origins I could never quite fit into the main book and even a new bloodline - a bloodline that some people are likely going to be extremely happy with, as people have been asking for them to be given some lore and mechanics love since the very first wildsea playtest. 

Initial sketch and linework for the kitesailor, one of the new sky-focused posts (character art, as always, by the incredible Omercan Cirit)

It would also be remiss of me here not to say, again, that if you've backed the Wildsea you'll have access to the digitial version of Storm & Root completely free. It did start life as a simple extra chapter and stretch goal, back in the day, but it's a little bit bigger now as I found there was a lot I wanted to explore. Ray and I are looking at the feasability of running a kickstarter for physical copies for thosre of you that want more wildsea books on your shelf, but we feel it would be a bit cheeky to do that before the first one has pride of place there! Luckily Storm & Root is a far tighter endeavour, and I had so much of the basic Wildsea architecture to fall back on in terms of contacts, artists and established rules that writing it is a breeze - so when we do get round to phyiscla copies it'll be a much quicker process (which should be music to the ears of any patient wildsailor). 

Anyway! As I've focused on lofty heights for this update, I'll give a little more info on the darker, cloying depths next time. But in the meantime, let me say thank you for...

The Community Copy Giveaway

It's done... for now!

Over the last couple of months we gave away 250 copies of the Wildsea PDF, all funded by you you generous backer sorts that chose to add community copies to the pile for the less fortunate. I've had some lovely feedback from new players, and it's been a real bright spot in the middle of a long, busy month to be able to sit back and read someone telling me how much they're enjoying the system. 

We will do another one of these soon, likely when books hit hands so people can encourage their players to pick up digital copies of their own to help with character creation. 

But, before we talk about said books, we should probably mention...


Ahoy Wildsailors! Ray here with the rest of your update. Some exciting news to kick us off this second half.

We're going to Gen Con to launch The Wildsea! We mentioned it in passing for a previous update, but we've now confirmed our spot at the home of tabletop gaming...

What is this, a map for ants?!?

We'll be at Entrepreneurship Alley in Booth 2329! What's that? Need a closer look? No problem! 


Oh yeah. Looks much bigger zoomed in :) We're super excited for the opportunity and will be bringing about 100 copies of The Wildsea on hand from the printer. That said, we'd be remiss if we didn't discuss the journey getting here.... 

The application process for Gen Con closed in December of last year. In January, we were offered not only a booth, but a Marketing Fellowship which meant an upgrade to a 20 x 10 primo real estate location and two newsletters blasts, the first of which was launched on the Gen Con website this past week! 

Our marketing blurb. Thanks Gen Con!

Since then, we've been scrambling to meet the printing deadline ever since! Unfortunately, some costly setbacks over the past few months (chiefly, a huge inDesign glitch in exporting our Print Ready Files which would've resulted in a disastrous ~20 or so pages being misaligned... thank goodness we caught it) have meant that we now need to air freight our books directly into the show in order to have any chance of having product on hand. 

Air freight is expensive! Really, really expensive. The resulting costs have meant that it's almost impossible for us to break even at the show, in between flying into Indianapolis from Los Angeles and the United Kingdom, lodging, and the very expensive ~$2,200 booth price just to exhibit at the show. 

To be honest, Felix and I went back and forth about cancelling the entire shindig. In the end we decided that this is it: our once in a lifetime opportunity to give The Wildsea the launch it deserves. 

So away we go! 

We're bringing just 100 copies of The Wildsea to Gen Con. Even if we sell out of all 100, we would be short thousands of dollars in terms of our costs. That said, our plan is to push preorders at the show as hard as we can, hoping that we find a great audience. If we manage to sell around 250 preorders, we will break even for the show. 

Can we do it?! Don't know, but we're going to our damndest! Is that even a word? 

We have a lot planned for our show, including ticketed games both online and in-person. Stay tuned, stop by if you're planning to go, and if you can, please help spread the word!  We could use all of the help we can get.


Reading the above probably begs the question: when can you expect to get your copy of The Wildsea in hand?  Our best estimate at this time is September, maybe going into October. Here's how we got there:

  • Printing is currently in process somewhere in Hong Kong. Our interior files have been completely printed, and the manufacturer is now working on the Covers. Once those are printed they still need to compile everything and work on the Firefly Folio (~2 more weeks).
  • The Firefly Folio is spec-locked after months of iteration. This is scheduled to begin printing either this week or next, and will be wrapped around the books + shrink wrapped for final delivery. 
  • The above step takes assembly time on the factory end. Once everything is boxed and palletized, they will put our goods on two separate boats headed for the USA and UK (~1 week). 
  • The boats will take roughly 6-10 weeks in transit before arriving on land. From there, they need to get on a truck and shipped to our warehouses and fulfillment partners (~6-10 weeks).
  • Our fulfillment partners are then responsible for packing and shipping the goods to you, dear backer (~2 weeks). 
  • All told, that brings us to a total of 10-12 weeks,  or about 3 months. Not ideal, but welcome to global trade in 2022! Would you like a side of pandemic with your Brexit?

On a brighter note, here's what the final Firefly Folio is going to look like:

The front side. There will be two grommets - one on the front and back - with string to wrap the book and keep it snug.
The backside, with Quick Rules References!


Also, Dice! Our partners at Dog Might Games have let us know they're just about ready to fulfill these suckers! 

We're confirming final counts now, but expect these to go out this month in a separate package. I'm looking forward to getting my set! 


Hope everyone is having a great start to the summer. On our end, Felix and I just commiserated and celebrated in equal measure over the last hour or so about both things Wildsea and personal. One of the most rewarding parts of this experience has been getting to know him and developing our friendship. He's really been there for me during some rough times these past few months, and I'm honestly at a loss for words as to how much that means. 

Things have been tough in 2022. Not just business, but life in general. I'm the type of person to bottle things in until they explode, which I know isn't healthy. Throughout that time Felix has been patient and understanding and always seems to have the right words to cheer me up and offer a second opinion. Thanks, dude. You've been an incredible friend and colleague. 

<3 Ray 

(and with that I'm turning it back over to him to wrap up the update... XD)  


No pressure then! Felix here again, because I just wanted to say one more thing.

Thank you. 

Not just to Ray, for his kind words, but in a more general sense too. I try to avoid talking about peronal stuff here too, but the start of this year was an incredibly difficult one for me. Printing problems and delays only piled on the pressure, and at some point you realise you're just waiting for... well, everything. The book is written, the art is done, you're just waiting for other people to do their parts and you know it'll take time but that waiting gets to you. At least, it got to me. 

But now that wait is close to over, and so many wildsailor types - on discord, by e-mail, through private messages - made it easier to bear. So thank you, all of you, and here's to one step closer to having books in hand.

Sail safe. :)


Welcome to the Wilds: The Wider Digital Release
4 months ago – Thu, Jul 28, 2022 at 04:43:31 PM

Hello there people, Felix here to tell you about...

 Downloads, Money and Music! 

So yesterday we released the digital version of the Wildsea for our backers, available from Mythopoeia through the eldritch process of secret links and arconautic oddities. For those backers that haven't had a chance to pick it up yet you should also have a copy of the digital bundle reserved through, the e-mails and keys for which should be winging their way into your inboxes as we speak (write?). But with this digital release for backers comes something else for any non-backers that may be watching...

The Wildsea Digital Bundle is Now Available for Purchase

Follow the itch link HERE and you'll be able to sling money in our direction for a digital copy (or get any eager friends to sling money, seeing as if you're reading this you likely already have), which will help put bread on the table and words in future books. Just because the game is out digitally doesn't mean we're finished with the content, so don't think this is the last time you'll hear from us about New Stuff

Maybe even something... subersible-ish in the near future? Character art, as ever, by the fantastic Omercan Cirit

And, on the subject of money...

Felix Has a Patreon!

It feels odd to write about this, because I try to divorce myself from the financials of things as much as possible, but I've been asked about it quite a few times over the last year so I think it's time to bite this particular bullet and say... Yeah, money is pretty useful. Especially when it comes to paying artists, and sometimes even myself. Putting together something the size of the Wildsea has been tough, both in terms of time and in terms of personal finance, so if I want to be able to dedicate myself to pursuing more wild words and other weird projects I really shouldn't ignore avenues like I have been. 

So now I have a patreon that you can pay for, if the mood so takes you. It's a good place to host cut content from older editions, news on the early-days new stuff that I rarely share (for Wildsea and other projects), and entirely new creations to expand the Wildsea's borders, everything from fictives to new locations, hazards and character options.

I'm also willing to take suggestions on the kind of content people want to see there, as it's all very new for me. 

I'm sure there are some writling jokes to be found here if you look hard enough, I just wanted to shine a spotlight on one of my favourite pieces from Omercan :)

But less about me, and more about the music! 

The Full Wildsea OST is Here!

Created by two of our very own wildsailors, each half of the Wildsea OST takes a musical shot at representing the rustling waves from a different angle - Liam's in-universe instrumentals and Nullcode's more electronic take each contrasting with and complementing the other. I'll let the music speak for itself on this one, so here are some links...

Songs of the Lignin Tide, by Liam P. Vaughan
Songs of Ruined Shores, by NullCode

Both albums were an absolute joy to help out with in terms of musical direction, but that's really all the credit I can take - the musicians that put them together did an incredible job. Thank you, music types, and thank you backers for funding AN ACTUAL WILDSEA OST, something I never thought I'd get to have a hand in even in my wildest dreams. 

So What Comes Next? 

Time for a list! 

  • Final revisions based on digital version feedback (there's always another typo to find)
  • Locking in with the printers and getting some physical books to send out (Ray will have some news on that in the very near future)
  • Submersibles, airships and Mounts expansions (more on those soon)
  • A few teasers for Project: Drift (because as much as I love the rustling waves, it can't all be trees...)
  • Playing some games! Now the full rules are out I want to play again, rather than just write and test (and I have so many characters I want to make)
  • Creating Patreon content, and adding some new teasery stuff to the Discord (link here, as always)
  • A weekend off (sorely needed)

And that's all from me today. Thank you again everyone, and we'll be back with more updates soon. 

Stay safe, keep sailing, 


The March
7 months ago – Sun, May 08, 2022 at 08:06:57 AM

This post is for backers only. Please visit and log in to read.

Mid-April Update: Final Covers, Preorders + Some Plugs
7 months ago – Sun, May 08, 2022 at 08:06:22 AM

Hey Everyone! 

Quick update for this month. Things are swimming along with the printing. We've been going back and forth with all sorts of emails about freight, finishes, possible contingencies, PDFs, and everything in between.  

Final Covers

With that said, Felix and I just finalized the final covers this morning and wanted to share them with you! 

Here's the Standard Edition Cover:

We have a new back blurb, courtesy of Felix! A lot of fun putting this together with some back and forth screen-sharing and nudging of the assets along with some creative writing. 

Here's what the Collector's Edition looks like: 

The lines in red are for easy visibility of the Gold Foil finish. The dark blue branches will have another finish. We decided not to put a ISBN on the Collector's Edition, leaving it as much space as we could for the illustration. We're super excited to see what the final product looks like! 


Also, we want to give a heads up: we will be charging for preorders tomorrow, 04/15/2022 at 8:00 AM PST. So if you are a preorder backer and need to update your payment info, now is the time to do it. 

This doesn't effect shipping, which will be charged at a later time. Again, the plan for shipping is to charge closer to the shipping date. That said, we're charging for preorders right now in order to finalize counts and so we can pay the difference for some of our manufacturing partners like the dice folk at Might Dog Games. 

If you haven't ordered The Wildsea yet you'll still be able to preorder the book as we've built in decent inventory margins - that may change if we all of a sudden have say 200 orders - but we should be good to go otherwise.


To wrap up the update, check out this awesome game / RPG campaigns: 

Parselings Nominal City

Parselings is Wildsea layout artist extraordinaire Leo Cheung's original RPG that takes place in a world like our own with one major difference: the presence of an inky magical parasite known as a Parsecyte. This iteration of Parselings is  a modern Deck Building RPG with a really cool resolution system based on card suites. Leo is truly a powerhouse designer/artist/creator - the beautiful art and layout is worth the price of admission alone. Check it out here! 

Between Clouds - A Roleplaying Game of Flying Beasts

This is one that that caught Felix's eye. Between Clouds is a colorful, biopunk, tabletop RPG about a family of misfits navigating the open skies atop their beloved flying beast. The art is amazing and the world is fresh, fun, and combines + breaks tropes in all sorts of awesome ways. I mean, c'mon - you get to travel the skies on board a big ole fluffy creature! If it sounds like you cup of tea, check it out!


Alright, that's it from us for now. We'll update next when we have the Firefly Folio finalized and ready to go. 

Until then! 

- Ray