The Wildsea RPG

Created by Ray Chou

A post-fall fantasy roleplaying game set on an ocean of verdant green. Please note that this is a preorder store for fans who missed the live campaign but would still like to support the game. This game is in active development. Shipping will be charged separately closer to the game's delivery to reflect live shipping rates.

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The Wildsea: Digital Edition is Here!
7 months ago – Thu, Apr 28, 2022 at 10:04:20 AM

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The Good and the Bad
7 months ago – Mon, Apr 18, 2022 at 03:23:10 AM

Hey Everyone,

Lots of news to kick off this month. Some good, some not so great, but here we go ~~ 


So our book is now officially in production with our printer, Printlore. We have submitted our print ready files and are awaiting the final PDF proof along with templates to upload the covers. Next week we anticipate choosing all of the various finishes - cloths, paper stock, etc. - that go into the book. We've ordered 5,000 Standard Edition Books, 1,000 Collector's Editions, and 1,000 Firefly Folios. 

Sam, our print rep, has told us we can expect around a 5 week production process, meaning it'll take about 5 weeks before all of the books are printed. From there, it's typically a 6 week turnaround from boat to port, but given the state of ocean freight these days that can be highly variable. 


In the best cast scenario, that puts us with the books in hand at our warehouses in the middle of June. With all the delays in shipping though, we're estimating that fulfillment will begin in July with our internal hard deadline of August 4th, 2022 to have the books in hand, which is Gen Con. We're doing everything we can to make sure we have books for that show, and if we can, to fulfill before or right around that time to all of you. 

How it Started vs. How It's Going 

Initially when we launched this campaign in November of 2020 the world was in a very different place. Although we were in the throes of a pandemic, it was still early days and we had not quite seen the full global economic effects of what would prevail over the ensuing years. 

We created our budget based off of what we were quoted during that time, and planned the campaign accordingly. Unfortunately, things have changed rapidly in the year+ since then, and the printing industry has seen an enormous rise in costs during that time. With an ongoing pandemic, rising fuel costs caused by the war in Ukraine, global shipping has risen exponentially in pricing and raw supplies like paper have vastly fluctuated in both price and availability. Globally, inflation has skyrocketed by about 7% and doesn't seem to be going down anytime soon. 

All that said, we're in a very different economic reality now than when we started off the campaign. The price of the books were about 30% more expensive than what we initially budgeted. We've done our best to explore any and all options to mitigate that cost, but unfortunately the price of goods and shipping continue to rise without any sign of abating. 

Hard Pivots

With that said, we made some stretch goals during the campaign that, in full transparency, I don't think we have the capability to honor anymore. Chiefly, we're not able to subsidize shipping costs and print locally anymore because of financial constraints. Global forces around the world have raised shipping rates, and when we looked into printing locally, we were faced with massive differences in pricing because of the paper shortage. 

We're so sorry about all of this. I know it's not ideal news, and it's not something I enjoy writing. The truth is it's been a very difficult year navigating the challenges of what's happening in the world and what it means for a small business like us.  We had the best intentions in mind when we set those goals - wanting to pass on some of our success to you as the consumers - but even though these pandemic times have been hard on many people, we didn't quite foresee how it would impact us as an industry in the production as time went on. Every project we run we bake in a 10% contingency, but even that wasn't enough to offset the rise in costs from where we started. If our financial situation changes, we'll try and honor the stretch goals, but given the trajectory of the global economy and our current expenses, we don't want to give anyone false hope.

That said, we're super proud of the book that we've made, and I sincerely believe that The Wildsea has the potential to be a transformative game in the tabletop roleplaying space. We've always put the quality of the book above everything in production, even as it means eating into any potential profits that Felix and Mythopoeia would've seen.  

In terms of charging for shipping, we'll still be doing so closer to the fulfillment date, as that allows us the best opportunity to get things right in terms of how much we can charge. Internally, we're doing a lot of work to find an IOSS Intermediary for EU friendly VAT shipping and working as fast as we can to make sure we hit those new deadlines. 

It's not a great feeling writing this update. 2022 has been a really difficult time and those closest to me - Felix included - know that this is but the latest setback in a series that has made this year the most challenging I've ever faced professionally. Personally, too, this has been a year of great challenges - that's neither here nor there - but it hasn't been easy on any front. It's been stressful, but I'm hopeful all of the challenges are worth it and that there's light at the end of the tunnel. Every time I open up the Wildsea RPG (which has been a lot recently) it brings a smile on my face, though. I can't wait to see the finished product in my hands and I know that when I do it'll all be worth it.  

Felix's Bit: Airships, Submersibles and Feelings

Felix here. Skip the italics if you just want the project news, read them if you want some behind-the-scenes honesty. 

It's a strange feeling, being excited to update people on something and knowing at the same time that we have to let you down on something else. Ray's an old hand at project management, which is why he tackled the hard part (and thanks, Ray, for that - you put it into words better than I could have done), but this whole kickstarter venture is a first-time thing for me. I just write the words and make things look nice, or at least I suppose that's what I managed to convince myself for a while. 

So just like Ray is, I'm sorry too. Nobody gets into the TRPG game to make stacks of cash (well, almost nobody), but pumping everything we were given back into making a book I'm really proud of only to have to disappoint backers at the penultimate hurdle is more than a little heartbreaking. 

But as less-than-great as I've been feeling about it, I wanted to try to cushion the blow a little, at least. So I kept working on...

Airships and Submersibles

It's been an odd week over here in my little corner of England for a lot of reasons, but a productive one too. While Ray and the printers have been back-and-forthing over specs and prices, I've mostly kept my head down and my nose to the airships-and-submersible grindstone. And we have something to show for it, too - so here's a bit of good news...

One: Airships and Submersibles is being bundled together for ease of reference, and because there's enough content to turn it into it's own rather meaty thing rather than just a small expansion. 

Rough progress on one of the new post options, the arconautic Thorn

What does that mean for backers? 

Well, it means that I'll be releasing a playtest PDF sample of the A&S rules to backers in the near future, just like we did for the main book. You'll get a chance to give some feedback on new mechanics (which we've kept light), new options (which we've gone rather heavily into), and a couple of the new reaches (which get really, really weird). 

It also means that the PDF version of the A&S expansion will be free to all Wildsea backers, once it's complete. It may have more in it than intended, but as unweildy as this particular beast gets that's a promise I can't bear to break. Content comes first, always, and I want people to be able to take to the skies and delve down to the Eaves if that's what they want to do. 

Crawling and hybridized, pressure-sealed and safe... ish

TWO: A few of you might remember whispers of a mount update I was working on. Well... It's still being worked on. It wasn't one of the stretch goals, but I loved the idea so much I couldn't keep away from it. That'll be handled at a slightly later date, after the SRD release and the A&S supplement goes public. I'm really looking forward to that one, and it might even have a little something extra, rules-wise, that people aren't expecting. 

THREE: We have art and words weirdnesses to show off, so watch this space closely over the next couple of months for updates on The New Stuff. Or hop onto the DISCORD to see a little more of the work in progress as it works and progresses. 

Some on the discord may have seen this earlier today, but here's a little glimpse at one of the territories for Zentinel's Rise, a reach that's as suited for delving beneath the wavetops as it is for rising above them.

Now I'll hand you back to Ray for a final sign-off. I'm not used to a sombre tinge with an update, so I hope a glimpse at new free content lifts some spirits a little, at least. 

Stay safe out there. Felix

In Conclusion

Thank you all for your continued patience and support. We're moving along here keeping the eye on the prize, even (especially) when the hurdles keep coming. Let us know if you have any questions or comments in the space below. 

- Ray 

The Dead of Winter
9 months ago – Tue, Feb 15, 2022 at 10:16:29 PM

Hey Everyone! 

Hope you're all doing well. Since our last update, the team was hoping to have the PDF released but alas... we are still a couple of days from release. That said, we didn't want to go too long without an update so here I go! 

Status Update: Felix & The Latest Wildsea RPG

Soon! Very, very soon.  Here's 's what's being worked on: 

  • Covers
  • Indexes
  • Quick References 

༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ  FELIX TAKE MY ENERGY ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ 

In all seriousness, we have a date, no - I'm not going to say it here, lest I seem foolish again - and we will release on said-date. When it happens hopefully it'll be a pleasant surprise! 


So I pinged BackerKit again and good news! They have turned off automated messages for credit card reminders until we choose to turn them back on again. Meaning, we should hopefully be seeing the end of the rather unfortunate pings that have gone out sporadically over the last few months asking for credit card information despite us being far out from shipping! 

We're really sorry about any inconvenience this may cause. I know sometimes it seems like all this automation and data crunching can seem a bit soulless, but the truth is BackerKit has helped us immensely over the years. Without their tools it's really difficult to do things like manage shipping across multiple continents, budgeting goods, and coordinating logistics.  

We know it's a pain in the butt to receive an automated message every couple of weeks but please just ignore them for now. We haven't implemented shipping yet and until we do and charge those messages  


So real talk, Shipping (with a capital S) is the reason why we're in this mess to begin with. For the world at large, it's just harder these days for things to move across trade routes, and harder means more expensive. In our small neck of the global economy, we've consistently seen shipping rates go up every three months since ... jeez, 2018? 

It's been a while, but think all of the crazy stuff that's happened over the last few years. Brexit, USPS defunding, COVID-19, the Trade War - I mean the freakin' Trade War! Never understood the concept in Star Wars but oh Lucas I do now. 

Shipping is expensive. For a project like Wildsea, we're talking tens of thousands of dollars. That's why we're trying to collect funds as close to shipping as possible. Again, rates are going up all the time, and they only go in the one direction.

That's why we need to be careful and charge for shipping as close to fulfillment as possible.

Cause if we get it wrong, it can actually sink us... 

Gen Con 2022

On a happier note, we've been accepted into Gen Con 2022! Woohoo! 

Mythopoeia will be exhibiting at Entrepreneur's Avenue!  No promises, but I talked to Felix and the team... everyone is very excited to be going :) More details


Okay, that's it for us for now. Short update hopefully before a longer, much more exciting one. Thanks for listening everyone. The past few months haven't been without challenges for both Felix and me, but we're doing everything in our power to deliver an awesome game. 

We're almost there. I swear. 

- Ray 

Backerkit Surveys, Preorders, and a Shipping Update!
about 1 year ago – Tue, Sep 28, 2021 at 04:53:11 AM

Hey Everyone, 

We're happy to announce that we are ready to send out BackerKit Surveys

You can fill in yours in your email or at at the following link:

Why Now? 

A couple of reasons:

  •  We're getting serious about manufacturing. In order to help inform this process, we need an accurate SKU count for how many books were ordered, where, etc. 
  •  This allows us to open up a Pre Order Store. It's been much requested, but we finally have a place for people to support the game who missed out on the Kickstarter.
  •  We need to know how to credit you. We're getting into the point where we're working on things like indexing, glossaries, and backer credits! It's easier if we can compile all of that into one big spreadsheet, which filling out the surveys will allow us to do.  

Pre Orders

If you know anyone who would like to support the Wildsea prior to launch, or if you happen to be browsing for information on how to purchase the Wildsea and came upon this note, use this link:


The pricing for the pre-orders as well as additional add-ons have changed to reflect the final MSRP price.  Add-Ons purchased during the campaign via Kickstarter should show up in your cart when you check out. 


We are not charging shipping for the project at this time. It's still up in the air as the when exactly we're able to fulfill, but signs are pointing potentially towards the new year. We want to make sure we give you the most accurate shipping rates possible so we're waiting until we have everything manufactured and good to go before charging for shipping. 


Also, we can finally order Dice! If you remember, our Wildsea dice are going to be manufactured by our friends at Dog Might Games. Here's what the prototypes look like:

Black Walnut Prototype
Chechen Wood Prototype
Indian Ebony Prototype

Through BackerKit, you'll be able to order and purchase your set of dice if you'd like as either an existing backer or new preorder. Unlike the other stuff, Dog Might will ship the dice directly to your address ahead of time, hopefully in time for the holidays! We'll begin to fulfill this stuff as soon as the orders come in.

Please note that while we have the shipping rates locked in for the dice, for the purposes of the software we're still charging shipping alongside the other items when the other items are closer to ship. You'll be charged the following in addition to the MSRP of the dice:

  • Domestic $5
  • Canada $10
  • International $19 + 20% MSRP VAT


Please note that we are still several months away from shipping the game. Our current target is to go gold (lock the print-ready PDF) by the beginning of November. That said, now is the time to get serious about the print run and in order to do so the data from the surveys will help immensely. 


Please, if you can,  help us out by filling out the surveys. In hindsight we should've sent these out much sooner but now we know. Design iteration cycle, right? Keep getting better and better... 

In other news, Felix is recovering from having a wisdom tooth pulled out at the moment. Never before has the Wildsea seen such dental horrors, which I'm told is a commonly Lined topic in RPGs.  

Who knew?

Till next time! 

- Ray 

September Update - Closing In!
about 1 year ago – Thu, Sep 23, 2021 at 12:44:56 AM

Ahoy Wildsailors! 

Ray here with your September update. After crunching for essentially the past month and a half (cause we are on 09/15), Felix has delivered another iteration of the Wildsea - draft Ornail - and it's looking better than ever! Now he's taking a short break before getting back to work. 

THE BURDEN OF UPDATING FALLS UPON ME. Just kidding. Not a burden. A pleasure! Okay, here we go...

I keep telling Felix we need a banana for scale here.

We are close! 

 Very, very close. At this point, most of the major art assets are in place, the book is more or less content locked, and we are entering in discussions with our printer on final specs while beginning to think about things like the Firefly Folio including Character and Ship Sheets. 

Looks different in color, doesn't it?

Introducing: Mon and Heru

One of the major moves we made these past 6 weeks was bring on additional artists to help us get to the finish line! It's my pleasure to welcome Mon Macairap and Heru Purwanda to the team! 

Mon is a Philippines based vis dev artist helping us flesh out many of the awesome locations found in the Reaches in addition to some other landscapes in earlier sections of the book. He's the artist behind the awesome Ribfields above. 

Oh I see why they named it that.

Heru is an Indonesian based concept  artist who is helping us design some of the crazy Wildsea ships! 

Zoom Zoom.

We've been super fortunate to find these two talented artists this late in the game with such a tight deadline. 

What's Left?

Not much! Here's a list:

  • ~4-8 pieces of art to fill in. 
  • Final Skills / Language rework for better flow.
  • Appendixes: Glossary + Index + KS Backers 
  • Polished Layouts Pass 
  • Copy Edit (Words) Pass 

The last two points are essentially the final leg of the workflow. Now that we're approaching having everything in place, we can hand over the entire PDF to Leo where he can work his magic, bringing the presentation of the book up a level.

Leo makes pretty things even purdier.

While he does that, we'll be going over every single word, hunting down grammatical mistakes and typos and making small adjustments here and there to make the writing a bit more uniform in style. For this step, we might crowdsource from you community in addition to any professional editorial we bring on board. 

Stay tuned for that! 

Timeline + Month Goals

No monthly goal for this month, given that we ate into half of it already. Instead, we're going to set a penultimate goal: Go Gold by the end of October. This means having the final PDF ready to go to our printer, done and dusted. 

Can we do it?!? Maybe, but even if we don't we won't be far off. 

Crunch continues! Sail on, yee wildsailors! 

- Ray