The Wildsea RPG

Created by Ray Chou

A post-fall fantasy roleplaying game set on an ocean of verdant green. Please note that this is a preorder store for fans who missed the live campaign but would still like to support the game. This game is in active development. Shipping will be charged separately closer to the game's delivery to reflect live shipping rates.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

The Ocho - Playtest D is Here!
over 1 year ago – Thu, Aug 12, 2021 at 12:24:42 PM

The Road to Playtest D, and to Completion

Hey people, Felix here. 

It's been a long time coming. Playtest C came out back in, what, October of last year? In the time since then I've listened to podcasts, read early reviews, played and run many, many games and seen so much incredible creativity from the community. It's been an absolutely unparalleled driving force in keeping production rolling along, so thank you, everybody, for being as supportive as you have been. 

And we've kept up the content delivery over the last ten months - something new every thirty or so days, a bloodline or a reach or an optional set of weirdnesses. And I'm glad we have! But behind the scenes we've been working, the rest of the team and I, on the big finish - the final version of the Wildsea.

Seeing images that I've had as sketches and black-and-white art for years get redrawn and coloured is a particularly enjoyable experience.

We're not quite there yet... But we're hovering on the cusp. 

Every time I read through the core text I make changes, create new pages, add more options, refine what's there, but over the last couple of months those additions have been smaller and smaller - the refinements more scattered. Omercan has been colouring like a demon, Ray hunting for problems and oddities, Leo colour-theming pages and working out the best way to add some vibrancy and lore to our background images. And sometimes I look at a page spread and think 'Yeah... This is all coming together'. 

The reworked aspects page, with all-new art and clarified rules

... And sometimes I look at a page spread and think 'Yeah... Maybe this still needs some work. :P'

The sort-of-new damage and combat specifics pages which are, uh... well, they're functional!

Of course, the truth is that everything needs some work. For the most part only the final kiss of Leo as he finesses the layouts millimeter by millimeter, but in some cases it's a new piece of art, a rewritten paragraph, a better page referencing note or a shiny new image. 

That's what this month is all about - finishing off those last details so things look as good (and play as well) as possible. 

But anyway, enough about the rapidly approaching end to this particular ride - we have a big, playtest-shaped station to stop off at before that!

Playtest D and Experimental Skills

Playtest D is shipping with the experimental skills list. There are some elements of it I like, some that I don't, but it's the feedback from all of you that's going to hammer it into its final shape. I want to see how it affects character creation, short term play, campaigns, birthday parties - if you have feedback on the skills system, let us have it. This is your last chance to have an impact on the core rules, so really let loose if you feel the need. 

And this should go without saying, but I'm going to say it anyway - Playtest D is a lot rougher around the edges than the core book I've been working on. Information is condensed or left out, so much of the art I love isn't in there, and the rules are still undergoing their final tweaks (see above). The backgrounds, both for the pages themselves and the character art, are all stand-in at the moment - Leo has shown us some rather lovely things you can look forward to for the final release. 

What I'm saying is, cutting three hundred and sixty pages down to a much more reasonable two-hundred something for a free release leaves a lot of the fun stuff out. And while there's a huge amount of material in there that wasn't in C, there are still some particularly juicy bits left for those that threw their hard-earned cash at us. We still want you to be pleasantly surprised when the final product makes its way into your hands, you know? 

Including some of my very favourite things!

So with the caveats about roughness and experimentation and cramped-up content aside...


 and the Playtest D Virtual Play Surface 

I really hope you enjoy it! I should also use this space to promote our Wildsea DISCORD, which is a great place to hop into and ask questions, throw theories around and, most importantly, play games with distant wildsailors using the power of the internet!  

Now I should hand you back over to Ray - there's business afoot! 


Okay, so it's been a long and winding road and recently we had to make some tough decisions. Like Felix said, we're cresting over that final hill now we're things begin to really come together rapidly. That said, here's where we're at in terms of the physical production of The Wildsea RPG... 

Page Count

We've set a page count - 360, and are conforming the book accordingly. In our previous updates we explained some of the concerns we had with the size of the book, but after a lot of back and forth we decided on 360 interior pages.  This means quite a hefty book, but we wanted to include as much content as possible without compromising on what ultimately will be a real book with real world dimensions. 


Having that target in mind has helped us a lot in terms of scoping the book. We've been able to see the book come together and take shape as a whole with the last couple of drafts.  Kudos to Felix for grinding it out on these past few months... it takes a lot to chisel away at such a large project with new largely unfamiliar tools.  What's been cool to see is Felix getting better and better the deeper into the project - the latest pages from a layout standpoint have been *chef's kiss.*


That said, we still had to make some really hard decisions...

Some of the content we previously planned to include in the book will not make the physical rules. 

Right now we're looking at:

  • Submersibles
  • Airships
  • Mounts
  • Nadir

When looking at the book, these sections stood out because the rules were still a little light and we all of a sudden faced a scenario where we had to fit them all onto one or two spreads.  Not ideal, but Felix has a lot of ideas! 

A preview of some of the submersible content...

We will still be releasing all of the above to you digitally for free.  Expect separate PDFs with full art and content. We know it's not ideal but on the flip side releasing digitally actually gives Felix a lot more space to flesh out the rules, whereas at a certain point in the last couple of weeks we were squinting our eyes trying to shrink things down to just 2, 4 page spreads. Now we can really group thematic content together and hopefully expand on what we were trying to cram because of the real world physical limitations of the book. 

Mounts! Couldn't fit them in the core rules, unfortunately : /

Monthly Goals 

Last month our goal was to release Playtest D.  Huzzah! We did it! A little rough around the edges, but we took time from the production of the book so that we could get one final round of playtesting in before finalizing the rules. 

This month our goal is to be word and layout locked by September. This means exactly what it sounds like - making sure every word and frame is in place for the final 360 page rulebook, even if it's just a big X saying that art goes here. 

Once that's in place we're moving on to editing, backgrounds, and polish as the last art assets trickle in. 

Remaining Art 

Yesterday Felix and I   went over how much art we have remaining and it amounts to about 10-12 pieces. The last dozen to tie the book together. That's in addition to the various work in progress colours you see in Playtest D that are in various stages of completion. Like I said, it's all coming together, but there's a lot to paint yet. 

Behold! An unprecedented look into the creative process.


Best overall estimate we can give right now is we're about 2-3 months out from print ready.  We're now entering the crucial part of the project where things start speeding up and we enter the dreaded CRUNCH! 

Wish us luck. 


Personal Milestones, West Reaches, Experiments, and Something Just Around the Corner...
over 1 year ago – Mon, Jul 12, 2021 at 05:37:39 AM

Welcome to your regularly scheduled start-of-the-month Wildsea update, at the slightly less regular time of eleven days into the month. 

First off, don't worry; no great tragedy has befallen us, and there's nothing to stress about except all of the things you were probably stressing about already (that are entirely unconnected to TRPGs about world-forests and chainsaw-powered ships). 

I'm going to keep this update shorter than usual, because next month's promises to be... well, longer than usual! Or at least bigger in terms of scope. 

Now This Is A Milestone

Today brings us to the end of a particular stretch of behind-the-scenes development for the Wildsea, the completion of the Firefly's chapter. Not my favourite part to write, but an essential piece of the overall experience; we now have advice on setting and maintaining tone, safety tools, planning-without-planning, using rules effectively in play, and quickly creating environments on the fly during a journey. 

Rough Session Zero Page from the Firefly's Guide Chapter

Now that's a milestone in itself, but it's not actually the one I'm talking about in the heading up there - you see, now that the Firefly's guide is done I can sit back, relax, take a long sip of cactus-wine and whisper...

The Words Are Written.

No blank pages. No big "do this later"s. I'm sure I've missed a paragraph or sentence here or there, but there's nothing left outstanding that needs writing from the ground-up. It's... well, written! 

Now don't get too excited - being written is a far cry from being finished

A lot of words get written in the course of putting a book together. They also get scrutinised, erased, rewritten and scrutinised some more. That's the bit that's going on now - proofreading and editing for the majority of the book, making sure things are laid out in a way that makes sense and are pleasing to the eye. A lot of the core text for the Wildsea was written over the course of several years, so I had a long time to polish and reword things until they felt just right. This new stuff... well, I've had to accelerate that process a little! :P

For me this involves a lot of proofreading, speaking things aloud to myself and re-writing sentences to make them flow a little better. Can I crunch this concept down into a smaller paragraph? Can I get space on this page for that picture of a terrifying tentacled sundew-monstrosity? Can I fit this extra aspect here, and does it deserve to be there in the first place? 

Turns out I can! A fragment of an image by Shmeckerel

Proofing, editing and subsequent small-scale rewrites are hardly the most fun part of the job, but they're essential to the quality of the final product. By the end of the month it should be not only a finished text, but a polished text. 

Art and Layout Progress

The artist have done an amazing job over the last month, working both with me and from the text itself to bring even more life and colour onto the waves. Omercan in particular has been a whirlwind, sometimes even racing ahead of me to throw out sample colours for some of the character art that I hadn't even thought about yet - it's made my life a lot more interesting, and also a lot easier in terms of the 'project management' side of game design. 

A new ektus horizoneer by Omercan, waiting for placement in the 'Interaction' section of the Scenes chapter.

The layouts are coming along nicely as well, though they're more subject to minor changes as paragraphs are edited and art is shifted around millimetre by millimetre. Hopefully the Wildsea will end up with a presentation that's colourful, strong and clear without being too clean. Layout may not be my first love, but every now and then Ray tells me he particularly likes how a page has turned out - that's when I know I'm on the right track! 

Sample layout for the expanded 'Structure' section of the Core Rules chapter

The West Reaches

And now for something a little different - one of our long-term supporters and prolific fireflies, MrFishy, has set up a secondary discord focused on drop-in sandbox play. I'll let him explain it in his own words...

Look ma, I finally made it as a big time game master. That wasn't the plan really, but I did know that West Reaches was going to be a big game. It kind of depends on being popular. West Reaches is a Wildsea adaptation of a special kind of D&D campaign, West Marches, named for the original of its kind. There is no central plot to save the world or solve a mystery. Instead the world is a sandbox with an emphasis on exploration and the personal achievements of each crew. 

There's no scheduling conflicts in West Reaches: I simply schedule a session, and whoever can make it that day from a pool of 20 or however many players, forms a crew using old characters in the same place or new ones. The fun of West Reaches really comes from this rotating cast of players. Each crew has a different chemistry. There's a lighthearted competition to discover things or level up. However my personal favorite is the marks that the players leave on the world for each other, especially with the Wildsea's narrative generating mechanics. Did your ship plow straight through a serrofly nest without dealing with it? Looks like there's a job posting for exterminators in the nearby port...

If you fancy joining MrFishy for a West Reaches game, here's a link to their discord

Experiments - Skills, Languages and Charts

Because the main writing is done I've had some time to delve a little deeper into systems I wasn't completely happy with, namely the implementation of skills, languages and charts. While each of these systems works, they're not as streamlined or consistent as some other parts of the game. I mentioned in a previous update that each would be getting an overhaul in the coming months, and those overhauls are in progress.

They're also experimental. 

Very experimental. 

These updates are based on the feedback we've received on mechanics over the last six months, focused through the lens of 'does this feel right for Felix to try'. I'm throwing the first of them, skills, out here as its own small pdf - look at them, critique them, tear them apart at your leisure (though sooner is better than later). Maybe even run a few games using them and tell me how they feel - there's currently a distinct lack of specific combat and arconautic skills, so I'm intrigued to see how the system functions with the other skills covering for them. 

It has been a *long* time since I posted experimental mechanics and options here...

There's a lot of discussion over on the Discord, especially in regards to skills and language changes, so if you haven't joined us there yet and feel like throwing your hat into the ring HERE's the place to do it. If you're not a discord-type person, commenting on this update with feedback would be great too, or even heading over to the Wildsea Subreddit - a place I genuinely forgot I'd even created and really should put some love into!

So yes, don't expect these to be ported directly into the core book as is - while eveything else gets polished and edited, these are for iteration, play and testing out in the public. 

Play... and testing. Play testing. Playtesting? 

I'm sure there was something I was supposed to say about that...

NEXT UPDATE: PLAYTEST D - The Final Playtest!

Our goal for this month is to get a polished Playtest D out! That means a new PDF, new Virtual Sheets, and new ... well, everything! Ray and I talked it over, and we decided that since now the majority of the work is polish and iteration, we can crack two birds with one stone vis a vis scoping what needs to be finalized with what needs to go into Playtest D. 

The material in Playtest D will contain a lot of what will go into the final book. 

Expect a big update next month and maybe a few surprises as we are beginning to see a small but distinct light at the end of this tunnel...

Until then! 

 - Felix


And a little bit extra - I'll be one of the hosts on Dice, Drinks and Drama tomorrow, at 10:30 EST-time. Don't expect me to be a font of wildsea lore and knowledge, I'll likely stare owlishly at a webcam and make bad puns. But hey, if that's your kind of thing, there I'll be! 

New Bloodline, New Reach, New Ships, New Month!
over 1 year ago – Thu, Jun 03, 2021 at 12:55:01 AM

Hello Everyone! 

Just in case you hadn't guessed, the word of the month is new. I wrote in the last update about how good it felt to be back working on the creative side of the Wildsea, and I think the last month has really shown how much easier it is to work on a project like this when you have free reign to explore new ideas and throw out some old assumptions. 

So given the amount of progress it seems fitting to start things off with a general update, then we'll dive into the various summer treats I've prepared for you - more than average for the month, but don't get too used to it!

Overview Part 1: Picking Up Speed

As we draw closer to our hopeful release window the general intensity of work on the project has increased by... well, a large but ultimately unquantifiable amount.  

For me that means more writing.

In fact, it means working from a new shiny list of everything that needs to be added, rewritten or simply polished a little to have the book completely written and ready for finessing by the end of the month. 

Three days ago that list ran to sixteen pages of notes and corrections. 

Now it's fourteen pages. 

Not exactly the most exciting activity, but every strikethrough is a reward in itself

It's good to have things moving at this kind of pace again. :)

For the artists that means more art. 

While this may be unsurprising, even I was caught off guard by the sheer volume of art needed to fill a book of the Wildsea's size. New environmental pieces, new creatures, new characters in new poses, more splotches for working on the page layouts, more sketches of potential future work. It almost feels like it'll never end, except for the first time in what feels like a long time the end is in sight. 

You have no idea how long I've wanted art for the pocketfox, the Wildsea's smallest vulpine. Creature art by Shmeckerel, of course!

And, speaking of size...

Overview Part 2: This is a Damn Big Book

Problematically so, unfortunately. 

Now don't get me wrong, I would much rather be faced with the problem of too much content than too little content. The aim of the recent rewrites has been to keep the setting and rules chapters slim and to the point - a little more detail in both for those that want to immerse themslves in the world, but nothing too extravagant. While the Wildsea is a setting-based game, it's not a setting-driven game. The world is a stage, and your characters and crews are the ones that bring it to life. 

An expanded introduction for the scenes chapter, with more examples to kickstart thoughts and spur new players in the right direction.

So where has this glut of new pages come from? 

  • Partly the decision to spread each background option over two pages instead of cramming them onto one, which gives space for more art, more text and more aspect choices. 
  • Partly the early ambition to have nine or so reaches, allowing players that want it to get some finer world-details without front-loading a mass of extra setting information. 
  • Partly from expanding the hazards section and adding some new leviathan-based content, which is great for new Fireflies and extremely low-prep games but definitely a bit of a page-eater. 
  • Partly from an expansion of the Firefly's guide and related materials, especially those with a focus on capturing the feel and tone of the rustling waves with minimal effort.
  • ... And partly from tables, because the vast majority of the feedback over the past few months is that people love tables. Of resources, of adjectives, of names and places and possibilities - anything that might make moment-to-moment play a little easier, or spark some new ideas. 
Some rough writing for the new Firefly's Guide content: locational overviews sorted by layer of the wildsea, complete with sample reosurces to make rewarding crews a little easier.

None of this is inherently bad, but it does mean that the folks at Mythopoeia have had to take a look at the viable number of pages for an indie RPG of our kind, both in terms of what the community and the printers can happily handle. We'll keep you all updated on any changes, obviously, but the current goal is to condense, not cut. Maximum content, minimum wasted space. 

But enough of me telling you about new content, it's probably time I showed you some! 

Dust and Colour - The Seventh Bloodline Arrives!

If you're active on the discord you'll have seen whispers of these bearded friends for the last week or so, but it's here on kickstarter they get their full reveal: the Mothryn are officially the seventh wildsea bloodline!

A WIP of a mothryn alchemist, by Omercan Cirit (who somehow manages to eat and sleep between throwing fantastic stuff my way almost every day)

A lot of the mothryn art is currently work-in-progress, but the bloodline rules and options are ready to go - so ready that I've put them in a pdf for you to download right HERE

Sand and Spines - the Fourth Reach is Ready to Play! 

A massive departure from the tree-choked waves of the wider wildsea, the ironroots never took hold among the blasted dunes of the ancient Icterine desert. Instead, the denizens of the reach contend with a sea of ironspine cacti - just as vegetative, just as wild, but a good deal spikier than the waves most wildsailors are used to. 

The opening double-page layout for the Icterine, a reach of sand, spines and ancient secrets. Splash art by the unstoppable Pierre Demet.

And just like the mothryn, here's a link to the PDF for you to use it in your home games and campaigns (or just mine it for ideas and appreciate the art, whatever takes your fancy). 

... And the Biggest Reveal: Shipbuilding, Reworked! 

The ships chapter of the wildsea playtest was at the same time one of my favourite and least favourite parts of the entire experience. On the one hand I loved creating options for wildsea ships, as anything that can bring a crew together (and transport them safely across the waves) is always going to catch my attention. On the other hand... it was ten pages of pictureless lists. Functional, yes, but hardly exciting of visually inspiring.

Well, things have changed a little over the past few weeks. 

A double page spread from the WIP shipbuilding chapter.

The new shipbuilding chapter is still in a rough state - the text needs a good clean up, a few of the options need a balance pass, and there's still a lack of ship-based art. It's a work in progress, as so much of the book is at this stage, but it offers more guidance, more choice and more flexibility than the previous playtest C version managed to. 

A few highlights include...

  •  Eco-friendly ship-options, for those that want to travel the waves without leaving a scar in their wake.
  • Clearer rules on ship-to-ship combat, at least as far as weapons and damage go. 
  • Optional rules for fuel and cargo - only briefly touched on for now, but some people (Ray), not mentioning any names (RAY), have been clamouring for them (RAY). 
  • Chainsaw bikes, for when you want to take the Mad Myk route and hit the waves solo. 
  • A hidden, terrifying bonus!  Don't go looking for this. 

And the shipbuiding chapter rounds off our three new PDFs for the month -you can grab the full new chapter as a PDF HERE. And if you make any shps you're particularly proud of, hop over to the  discord and let us know in the #shipyard channel - they love a good wildsea ship, they do!

For those of you hanging on for airship and submersible options, don't worry - you haven't been forgotten, they just take a little more work than the canopy-level ships in terms of scope, art and writing. They'll be revealed soon!

...And Before I Go, a Community Shout-Out

You may have noticed I mentioned the discord a few times throughout this update. And, well, it's because I absolutely love it. When I went public with the Wildsea last year I never would have guessed we'd have so many wonderful people sharing thoughts, ideas and terrible puns about my weird, weird world. Watching the discord grow has been an intensely rewarding experience, and it's one of the few things I read every day. 

So if you're in the market for extra content, I just wanted to point out that we have an entire channel devoted to the Unofficial stuff - Community-Created Content - and it's pretty damn good. If you've ever felt like the Wildsea was lacking frogs, give it a look. 

The discord is also the best place to give me direct feedback on the little things, ask questions about the world, get into one-shots and campaigns or just poke me for some kind of response. I hope I'll see you there. :)


And with all that said, it's over to Ray for the roundup! Keep safe, people - send any feedback our way, we love to hear it. 

- Felix

 How Big is Too Big?

Right, so as Felix mentioned we currently have a hefty chonker of a work in progress document, tallying in at something like 470 pages. From a production standpoint, at that size you run into some real binding issues, especially given the landscape presentation and all that. 

That said, we've had several conversations about this and Felix is confident he can get the book down to a much more manageable 340-380 page range. There's a lot of unintentional white space in the current draft, and we're also looking at potential ways to present information in a more condensed manner, especially with regards to entries like Hazards and Factions. 

Nonetheless, the discussion is ongoing and we've floated around several alternative options. There's not much more to say on it yet, but we will keep you posted. 

June's Deadline 

So, the goal this month is to get everything into a 1st draft. What that means is a word and feature complete document that can be trimmed and polished as needed. We're pretty confident that we can hit this deadline, and if we do there's potential of some more bonus releases in July. Nonetheless, once we have this 1st draft locked here's what it's going to look like:

  •  Cutting. Once we have the 1st draft compiled we'll have a much more accurate look at that page count and be able to look big picture what can use trimming, condensing, and maybe even cutting. 
  •  Layout Polish. We've gotten to a point where things look pretty good, but the difference between good and great in presentation is a couple of millimeters here, a textured background there, etc. Once we have things in place we'll be able to really get into the detailing of the book, revisiting those elements on a page by page basis. 
  •  Proof / Edit.  As we get into whittling down the draft into a lean mean final book, we'll also be able to take a close look at the book for all those lovely spelling, grammar, and syntax mistakes.  Lovely. 
  •  Indexing. Finally, as the book gets close to locked we'll begin indexing sections for a Table of Contents and term lookup in the back. Fun stuff yet again.

All that said, Felix has been really grinding these last few months. He's getting better and better at laying out in InDesign and it's really showing  in a big way. We're very happy with how things are shaping up - we're at a point where every update he sends me is an exciting one filled with new content and beautiful pages. Can't wait to see how it all fills in :D


Alright, that's your June update, Wildsailors. 

See you on the waves! 

- Ray 

Work and Progress
over 1 year ago – Thu, May 06, 2021 at 02:36:24 AM

Well wildsailors, it's a big day on the rustling waves - some real progress to share, and an update on exactly how things have been going behind the scenes! 

 Layouts, Software, and Transcription

The updated Foxloft opener, with all-new art by the wonderful Pierre Demet

As some of you may know, a lot of my time over the last few months has been taken up with the transfer of the old Wildsea writings to a new, shiny document created specifically for printing and distribution. This process of transferring and reformatting several hundred pages, while learning to use new publishing software, has been a long one (even with a massive amount of aid from the layout artist, Leo).  

To be perfectly honest it left me mired for a while - I'm at my best with the creative side of things, and it was crushingly uncreative work. I missed being able to dedicate myself to new content, or even to the rejuvenation of the earliest work on the setting and system. The artists were working overtime on new pieces that were adding so much flavour to the world, but I couldn't write around them like I usually did. There was always something to copy, paste, reformat, recolour, move by a half-inch and then gaze at vaguely critically. 

It was all necessary, but it was far from fun. 

A Work-In-Progress of the new double-page spread for Bloodlines, Origins and Posts, with art by Omercan Cirit

... And now it's over!

Of course, there will still be changes, modifications, re-jigs and unexpected problems, but everything created for the Wildsea over the past four years has been re-read, evaluated and either cut or reworked for inclusion in the new document. One particularly weird day I spent half an hour searching for a hazard write-up I used at the start of open playtesting last year and came away with 5,500 words of forgotten creature concepts written around the winter of 2019 (Found the hazard I was looking for too - Makadrills will be making their way back to the Wildsea in time for the next update, and woe betide any crews that run afoul of them). 

The Pinwolf hazard entry, an iconic wildsea creature with more guidance and extra options, and art by creature artist Shmeckerel.

And with all of the older safely tied down, the new stuff is all that's left - the Tusker and Mesmer, Outriders and Airships, guidance for the Firefly when crews delve too deep and so, so much more

The layouts are still a work-in-progress, especially the smaller details, but they're also in just the place I need them to be. Now when I have a new idea (for an aspect or a ship part or a variant journey rule) I can put it straight on the page to see how it feels in the wider scheme of things, rather than squirreling it away in a notepad document or scrawling it on whatever paper I have to hand. 

And to be able to be genuinely creative again after months of having more pressing concerns? 

It feels amazing. 

First draft of a double-page spread from the expanded setting guide, giving a little more info and some scattered specifics without drowning you all in extra worldbuilding. Art by Omercan Cirit.

What Comes Next?

For me as a writer and designer it's time to focus on the new content we promised for the kickstarter stretch goals. That means...

+ A focus on pushing the playable rules and options for outriders, airships and submersibles out to the backers for an open playtest. 

+ The finalization and release of the seventh core bloodline and few remaining origins and posts. 

+ A bit of polish and extra guidance for the Wild Words Engine, based on the last few months of feedback from campaign playtesting. 

+ More art, more words, more options and more... birds. 

WIP on an avian-styled shankling, created and reworked by Omercan Cirit.

The Actual Play

The other big thing promised in the Kickstarter has been bubbling away behind the scenes for the past few months, with a test-campaign session every couple of weeks for the potential Actual Play crew. I won't delve into too much detail on this yet, but it's entirely possible that next month you'll have some new Wildsea audio-visual content to enjoy!

A little teaser, a glimpse of something to come, nabbed from Pierre Demet's WIP

So, In Closing...

I'm happy, I'm productive and the book is taking shape. The bit I was dreading is over, and the bit I was looking forward to is here. Just in time for the slow awakening of British spring-time, the Wildsea is growing again. 

So to compound my positivity I'm going to pass you over to Ray for some "important business stuff" and then get back to being creative - these new ships aren't going to build themselves! 

Until next time (which may well be sooner than you expect)...

Thank you, from Felix. :)


From Tooth to Tail
over 1 year ago – Sun, Apr 11, 2021 at 01:04:27 PM

Welcome to your April update, sailors of the wild waves! Today we're talking mysteries and massivities, and at least one of those things is definitely a real word. 

Let's dive in!

Developing Leviathans

What is a leviathan, really? It's more than just a big, dangerous beast, and it's more than an obstacle to be conquered. 

Narratively a leviathan is a challenge - something to be encountered, fled from, researched, understood, hunted and (if you're very lucky and even more persistent) bested. It's a living hook for stories, an active force on the world that can draw both player characters and NPCs in its wake, physically and metaphorically. Leviathans are living legends, focal points for folklore. 

They're a pretty big deal, is what I'm saying. 

... And they're not always ravenous monstrosities, either. Work in Progress from Shmeckerel on a less monstrous, but no less titanic, leviathan.

Mechanically they're a bit more tricky. They have aspects and quirks just like regular hazards, and the Firefly can assign them tracks too to give them that granular, eventually-defeatable taste. But in terms of rules, though their stat-blocks are larger and give a little more flavour, up to now they've essentially been monsters-writ-large. 

But things change as books grow, and with the extra space afforded by double-page spreads I've been considering the potential for additional information. Narrative definitely, mechanical maybe... but I try my best to avoid writing just to fill up a space, and would rather have something concrete and useful to offer. So rather than take some shots in the dark, I thougt I'd involve the community in this one! 

So as soon as this update goes live there'll be a new 'Questions from Felix' post on the Wildsea Discord based around the potential information found alongside a leviathan. Feel free to hop on over and contribute your ideas and suggestions and, if you aren't a discord type, feel equally free to leave your thoughts in the comment section of this very update

Sponsored By Nobody

I recently had the pleasure of listening through the episodes of the Sponsored By Nobody Wildsea podcast, a multi-part campaign (plus offshoot one-shots!) moving from Reach to Reach across the Wildsea. In fact, before I post a link to their stuff, I'll let them briefly introduce themselves!

"Sponsored by Nobody has been recording our tabletop role playing game sessions since late 2015 and putting them online. As time has gone on we have covered broad range of games, topics, and a number of experimental ideas."

Anyway, after thoroughly enjoying their weird take on an already weird world I actually ended up as the special guest on their final episode of the season! It's not airing for a while, so you have plenty of time to catch up, but if you want some behind-the-scenes info and don't mind waiting a couple of months for it to be released, I highly recommend tuning in and giving them a listen, especially if you enjoy a) Horrendous banana-based atrocities, and b) Bees. 

They've also had some incredible artwork commissioned for their current Wildsea campaign, which might well be the cutest thing I've seen in a very long time.

Small Art Update

Though I have a lot to show, I don't want to spoil *everything* before the book comes out. But with that caveat out of the way, have a gander at one of the newer versions of one of the oldest character art pieces, quite possibly the very first humanesque tzelicrae ever conceived of! 

Tzelicrae Dredger updated linework, by Omercan Cirit

And a very sneaky peek at something you'll likely see more of in the next update. Feel free to guess wildly at the nature of the whole! 

A slice of [REDACTED]-in-progress, created by Pierre Demet

And with that, I'll hand you over to Ray!

Stay safe, people!

- Felix

Timeline Update

So after evaluating the amount of work we've completed and what's ahead of us I can definitively say we are behind our timeline, which means that there almost certainly will be delays in our estimated delivery time. 

What's the holdup? Namely, the assembly of the book vis a vis the overall look and feel of the layouts. Felix and the team have made tremendous strides in putting together strong templates over the last few months, but we still have a bit to go before we get it just right. 

Most likely we are at minimum a month delayed from our initial Gold goal of June. It may take longer through to the end of summer before we lock down that PDF. We were initially planning on releasing another Quickstart D prior to the full rules, but we're opting instead to focus on the main rulebook instead and incorporating the new material that would've been in the new playtest into the full ruleset. 

We're doing this because importing the rules over to inDesign took a ways longer than anticipated, and it's become clear from a workflow perspective that partitioning off a new document for the sake of a new Quickstart will result in more doubling back and forth. 

The silver lining is we are ahead in different parts of the timeline; namely, two of the guest Reaches are largely finished, with a third in progress. That coincides with our internal goal of having 5 Reaches done by May, and a 6th in June. The truth is right now the writing is the easy part. Design is hard and our standards are high. 

For next month's update, we plan on showing the new look and feel of the book. Expect a sneak peak at multiple layouts, and a full progress report on where we're at content wise. Sorry folks, I know it's not the news you wanted to hear but we figure it's best to be transparent and upfront about where we're at rather than hold an indefinite silence as we crunch away.  

In the meantime, you can always reach us at the discord, here on Kickstarter, or via email. 

See you there! 

- Ray